Mapline Offers Free Business Analytic Tools for Business Growth

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Mapline offers free business analytic tools for different. It is committed to continually design tools through map visualizations to make data analysis easier.

ILLINOIS (PRUnderground) February 4th, 2015

Most companies use business analytic tools to provide them with sense-making capabilities to interpret data and make information more accessible. As the most indispensable tool in business today, analytics brings new sights that promote fresh ideas and sharpen goal focus. Thus, most companies including those in Fortune 500 rely on a web map software that allows them to interpret data and maximize their time analyzing and using information. Mapline offers free business analysis tools for all kinds of organization in various industries. It is committed to continually design tools through map visualizations to make data analysis in half the time. As they trim down their time analyzing data (from a day to only one hour or less), business leaders are able to use more of their time in operations, creating sales and  marketing strategies, enhancing customer relations, and more.

Business Analytic Tools for Business Ideas

Territory Overlays Tutorial.jpgWhen it comes to understanding geographical locations data, business professionals use Mapline. Here are some reasons why the web map software is the best choice in business industry:

Free and Affordable Business Analytic Tools 

The top reason why most startup entrepreneurs use Mapline is because it offers free business analytic tools for startup entrepreneurs. Using their existing data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, they can create free maps in a little over a minute. With its improved geocoding enhancement, they can add up to 500 address locations per day which can help them view the most important features of the location in their business. Standard subscribers can use the filter options so they can analyze the locations by characteristics. For example, a company would like to filter only the addresses in a given city, or those with a given number of population, and other factors. When the map is generated, they can identify which addresses are near airport, parks, and other landmarks that may directly or indirectly affect their business. The free maps can also be shared instantly.

Companies can take advantage of enhancing their mapping experience by being a Plus Subscriber. For as low as $30 a month, they can create up to 5,000 locations per day and save up to 20 maps. There is so much to do with one map, what more with 19 more map visualizations to simplify data analysis! The maps can help them achieve timely solutions for different business problems. Business analysts can identify the connections between data sets and how they can come up with the best solutions.

Other mapping services include heat mapping, adding territory layers, adding 20 different data sets, customizing map markers, embedding maps to the website, and more.

The Power of Pro
While a growing number of users are enrolled in Plus subscription, still, more and more companies have started with the Pro subscription. In this plan, users can add up to 10,000 address locations and can save up to 100 maps. This plan is more useful for companies engaged in sales and marketing. It offers exclusive mapping services like drawing custom territories, and exporting distance grid containing distances between all points if two data sets.

The Pro Plan users can take advantage of visual data analysis tools like distance measurement tools, draw circles and other shapes on maps, and overlay distance coverage.

Learn more on how free business analytic tools can help improve your business growth. Visit Mapline now.

About Mapline

Mapline develops tools to transform analysis into a visual experience. It’s mapping technology is one of the most powerful ways to visualize data from Excel spreadsheets to optimize logistics, enhance market planning, identify growth opportunities, or mitigate market risks. Mapline leads in data simplification and presentation and is committed to delivering the tools businesses need to outpace competition.

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