MammothDB Leads: CIO Review 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers

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Affordable analytics database provider MammothDB is one of the fastest growing big data startups in Europe, and part of the CIO Review Top 100.

Sofia, Bulgaria (PRUnderground) December 2nd, 2015

Over the last two years, affordable analytics database provider MammothDB has acquired clients including Cisco, DHL, and Publicis to become one of the fastest growing big data startups in Europe, and part of CIO’s Top 100.

Big Data Trends – Top 100 Contenders Illustrate the Emerging Landscape

The big data landscape is evolving quickly, and incumbents are being forced to respond to disruptive challengers across the analytics spectrum. In 2014, analytics and BI was the leading sub-segment of VC investment1, attracting close to $2bn. Despite the big investment, unlocking the promise of big data has proved to be a difficult opportunity to crack, for both established and new entrants. Information gathered by MammothDB, published in the LUMAscape below, shows a diverse cross-section of players, which has already seen considerable consolidation and shake-out. The LUMAscape is updated monthly, and covers the current contenders best positioned for future growth.

As the hype around the industry begins to settle, and reality sets in, a trend reversal is already underway. Looking at the CIO Review Top 100, we see a return to fundamentals: old-school SQL and data-warehousing principles are dominating, and will continue to be an important component of any viable big data solution. New technologies, like Spark, will work along-side existing fundamentals.

As business users become savvier about the potential their data holds, expectations start to turn from promises to expected delivery. Analytics companies, whether established or new, will be ‘called-to-task’ on the often lofty promises made by their products. Those who can deliver will thrive; those who can’t… will disappear.

MammothDB December Big Data Landscape Lumascape

MammothDB Delivers – Customer Cases
Within this volatile context, MammothDB’s practical, ‘no-nonsense’ approach to delivering its ‘analytics for all’ vision is illustrated in the following customer use-cases:

  • Logistics: DHL uses MammothDB to analyze historical data, predicting future costs of airfreight one month ahead.
  • Networking: Cisco uses MammothDB for SLA reporting and monitoring across millions of tickets
  • Media: Publicis use MammothDB for social media analysis across numerous platforms and many data feeds.
  • Retail: Savvy manages loyalty cards for over 150 leading high-street customers using MammothDB.

About MammothDB

MammothDB is a massively distributed, parallel, SQL-compliant, analytical database. Cisco Innovation challenge winner. Clients include Cisco, DHL & Publicis.

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