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The Dr Drum software was introduced over 3 years ago and enables beginners and experienced producers to create hip hop beats, rap beats and make music online.

Los Angeles, California (PRUnderground) December 6th, 2013

Over the years a music producer or artist required a expensive recording studio and equipment in order to record high quality hip hop, r&b, dance and rap beats. Around the world there are many music lovers interested in making music online and will often search the internet for a reliable source that enables them to do so. This can lead to a very important question.

How to go about finding a website that offers quality sound and putting it together in tune?

Considering the individual wants to put together a top notch music production, they often find out it can be very expensive with all the equipment necessary, and putting together quality beats.

Music lovers who are inspiring to be music producers and make music online are in luck because there is a brand new software called Dr Drum. The website was introduced three years ago and considered to be the first Digital Audio Workstation. What this means is it offers the functionality of a real recording studio directly from the desktop.

Dr Drum has taken the music world by storm because it enables a beginner to create high quality music without the need of a recording studio. With a video tutorial within the members area a beginner with absolutely no experience can make their first rap, hip hip, or dance track in less than a hour.

Since the introduction of Dr Drum the website has gotten rave reviews and gives individuals unlimited access to thousands of beats to use, and enabling a beginner or experienced producer to make a complete track.

Dr Drum
Create Unlimited Beats
Burn to CD

Are the Beats updated? Yes, the software is updated enabling individuals to make beats online that are fresh and not outdated.

Can the music be burned to a CD? Absolutely! Create the track, burn it to CD which is provided within the members area, and play it for friends in the car.

What are the advantages of Dr Drum? Beginners with no experience in a recording studio can learn how to make your own beats online with the video help inside the members area, and begin putting together tracks in under 1 hour. Once they have learned the basics of the software, they can then start making more complex music provided by Dr Drum.

How fast is the download process? It takes less than 1 minute to download the Dr Drum software. Once completed beginners and experienced producers can make music beats online, PC or Mac.

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