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Macon Raine Partners with VisualizeROI to Unstick Stuck Deals

Industry: Marketing

Use Value Calculators to Quantify Pain and Demonstrate ROI for Deal Acceleration

United States (PRUnderground) December 2nd, 2015

Macon Raine – a technology-enabled B2B inbound and outbound marketing agency that offers content marketing clients a free marketing automation platform – today announced a partnership with VisualizeROI. The partnership will help sales and  marketing departments accelerate deals by helping buyers quantify pain and rapidly compute savings and revenue potential of proposed solutions.

VisualizeROI is a SaaS platform developed to ease the frustrations encountered by marketing and sales organizations when they attempt to explain to prospects how they can reduce costs, increase sales, and produce greater profits by using a proposed solution.

“Every sales forecast is plagued by stuck deals. This happens because marketing and sales aren’t doing a good job of empowering and equipping their champions to advance sales cycles with other internal stakeholders,” said Ben Bradley, managing director of Macon Raine. “As marketers we need to step back, help the sales team accelerate deal velocity and standardize how they demonstrate value. That’s why we partnered with VisualizeROI.”

According to Bradley, the challenge for marketers is less about “marketing” and more about finding ways to create scalable and personalized business/use cases for buyers – essentially equipping buyers as champions to sell the solution internally.

Dave Stein, author of How Winners Sell, believes it is critical to understand where where the influence and power lie within your customer’s company. The risk for any sales organization is to not become marginalized. Additional awareness must be developed in order to prevent deals from stalling.

“Being preferred by someone without any influence (no matter what their title) is worth little. Having your competitor preferred by someone with substantial influence is dangerous,” said Stein. “Now, when it comes to selling the value of your offering within your customer¹s organization something very important must take place: an influential person must prefer you and they must be able to articulate the value of what you are selling directly against the achievement of his/her department, division, or enterprise business goals and objectives, in clear, concise, and compelling terms. You¹ll need to identify, recruit, and train such an ally to sell on your behalf, especially when you aren’t present. Without them it often comes down to price. If they aren’t trainable or coachable, you¹ll have to find an ally who is, or get someone willing to sponsor you “upstairs” so you can deliver your own value proposition.”

In the same light, Bradley continues, “observable behavior is more powerful than the written word. That’s why testimonials (or social proof) has become so important to marketers. Even more powerful than testimonials is being able to show prospects how their savings compares to what they are already doing, well as what others are doing, or the cost of doing nothing compared against objective stats or benchmarking data.”

Martin Laetsch, director of online marketing at Act-On, stated, “For the past two years, we have acquired hundreds of leads through the total benefit estimator that VisualizeROI developed for us. Our sales reps use the tool to quickly visualize the value that Act-On can bring to its clients and our prospects gain valuable intelligence up-front.  The data we collect using VisualizeROI makes us even smarter about our prospects.  Agencies are wise to partner with a best-of-breed solution like VisualizeROI, and I’m excited about the MaconRaine-VisualizeROI announcement.”

Mike Genstil, Founder of VisualizeROI, added, “VisualizeROI enables firms to communicate value in a compelling, visual, engaging way, which has become a must-have capability for inbound marketers. From pain sizing, to cost of ‘doing nothing’ or ‘business as usual’ analysis, to ROI, TCO, and renewal discussions, VisualizeROI will help Macon Raine’s customers better communicate their value to customers and prospects.”

For a quick demo of the VisualizeROI platform, visit VisualizeROI.

For questions, please contact Ashley Poynter, Macon Raine (

About Macon Raine

Macon Raine is a B2B marketing agency that helps companies with long sales cycles accelerate the pipeline and find more customers.

About VisualizeROI

Based in San Francisco, VisualizeROI makes it easy for sales executives and marketing professionals to quantify and communicate value to prospects. VisualizeROI Value Collaborator enables inside and field sales executives to conduct a visually compelling, interactive, collaborative value conversation with prospects and clients, through discovery, proposal, and into the customer success and renewal cycle.  VisualizeROI Lead Harvester captures data and communicates value from a prospect’s initial website visit through nurturing campaigns. With out-of-the-box integration with, VisualizeROI enables one-click away value selling in an intuitive way. VisualizeROI customers in North America, Europe, and South America include large and small businesses in software, cloud computing, enterprise security, online advertising, data, and services. VisualizeROI is offered by the world’s largest, most established sales training firms. VisualizeROI is privately held and funded by several successful early-stage angel investors. For more information, visit

About Macon Raine, Inc. – a b2b inbound marketing agency

Macon Raine is an B2B inbound marketing agency. We provide our clients with inbound and outboundmarketing execution and a result everyone knows how to measure: more new customers. We do it with smart inbound and outbound marketing that finds the shortest and quickest path to new revenue.

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