Luxury Holidays to Maldives again Possible as Ash Fears Blow Over

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Luxury Holidays to the Maldives have become possible again now that the Ash cloud has moved away.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) May 26th, 2011

Everybody remembers last year’s travel fiascos with the cloud of ice and ash that erupted from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Flights were cancelled, people were stranded abroad, and holidays were ruined. It was a disaster. When news emerged about another Icelandic volcano, Grimsvötn, erupting this month, people were understandably worried.

Thankfully, the worst hasn’t happened. The ash cloud is (at the time of writing) being blown away from the British Isles and only German airports are currently affected and that may not even last that long.

Combine this with various reports that aircraft are not much better equipped to deal with unusual weather occurrences like this, that there’s not as much, if any, ice in this ash cloud, and that various companies have reported that the ash doesn’t seem to be presenting much of a problem anyway and you’ve got a very positive picture.

It’s all good news, and we’re definitely glad that our luxury holidays Maldives and luxury honeymoons will be able to go ahead as planned, and that return trips shouldn’t be affected.

Only Exclusive Travel know how much of a strain that delayed, cancelled or altered travel plans can put on a trip. Traveling to and from your destination definitely isn’t the best part of the holiday and now that it looks like the ash cloud may be a worry of the past, we hope that anybody traveling soon can rest easy.

Now that the trouble has passed, why not visit our website and see if any of our resorts or special offers appeal to you? Make the most of the ash-free skies!

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