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If you can change your approach on how you see love as not of personal attachment but something much deeper and cosmic; you can move mountains.

United States (PRUnderground) October 20th, 2014

This current Metro Retrograde has thrown a wrench between many lovers. Lovers are appearing, reappearing, and then disappearing again. Those that are left behind are in a state of confusion and sorrow. With all of the chaos and ruptures, it makes it even more difficult to decide what to do next. The major vibes of this week are “When is my lover returning?” and “Have I lost the love of my life, or can I get them back?”

The obstacles when trying to predict when a lover will return is a product of how we use our free will. We cannot control other’s actions. However, the wonderful thing about free will is we can use it to control our own paths and destinies. If you can change your approach on how you see love as not of personal attachment but something much deeper and cosmic; you can move mountains.  You can change your actions which in turns changes your lovers, or ex’s reactions towards you.

However, it often takes the support of a village to bring forth a desired change.

Our two incredibly gifted psychics, Christiane and Lorenzia can provide you with much love, and guidance by giving you a free psychic reading with no credit card required. Christiane harnesses her energy as an Empath, Clairaudient & Clairvoyant to assist in paving the way for self-Love, reuniting Lover’s, and healing relationships. She also gives numerology, karmic astrology and  biorhythm readings to show you what energies are at play in you and your lover’s life path at any given time.

Lorenzia provides energy-work to clear blockages.  These blockages create strife and contribute to the pulling apart of lovers.  As we are all connected through our energies or life force, she can help to rebalance your vibrational frequency so that you begin to have clarity. Lorenzia also focuses on helping people develop their intuitive and spiritual gifts so that they have the power to harness a life of happiness and eternal love.  She puts you in contact with your Angels so you can hear their messages to you.

If you want to begin the process of transformation and change, you can email us one free psychic question. No credit card information is necessary.

Once your question arrives in our inboxes, Psychics Christiane and Lorenzia will individually assess your situation and begin to help you work towards rebuilding your love life.

For those of you out there currently separated from your soul mates. Our hearts go out to you. We are here to help. Stay strong and remember to always love, love, and love.

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