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Love is a Pillow. Artist turns to pillows and textiles as fine art

Industry: Home Decor

Get The Art Off The Walls. Our art is designed for the couch, bed and floor. Custom hand made throw pillows and textiles. Big, Fluffy, Soft, Luxurious, Pillows.

White Plains, NY (PRUnderground) June 5th, 2014

What does an Artist that has amassed a large quantity of work over the span of 30 years do to start new? I wanted to take advantage of all the art I was producing year after year and find a new market place.

I have been an Artist, IT professional, Web Designer, Photographer, etc., A Jack of all trades, but it was time to just be an Artist.

I set out to figure out how to actually make a living…
No strike that, career…
No that’s not going to work. BRAND!

Jump forward to January 22, 2014… Starbucks. My Stamford, CT. office.

I wish I could tell you the A-ha! moment but it eludes me, but I do recall the first test that gave me chills. TEXTILES! I put some of my designs on top of a photo I found and I knew I had my answer.

Marc Jaffe Studios, LLC, The Affairs of the Art,
Love is a Pillow is born!

As of this writing, I have sold more art as pillows then I did in the last 2 years.
The pillows go up to 50×50″ and I am working on different configurations all the time.

I am approching my textile designs as an artist and not trying to follow trends.

I welcome interior designers, boutique stores as well as specialty stores to contact me to discuss creating custom work for your clients and stores.

Contact us and we will send you one of our mini 4×4″ pillow samples filled with the same
fluffy soft stuffing.

All of my pillows use a hypoallergenic micro-denier synthetic down insert that has to be squeezed to believe.

I look forward to inviting new clients to work with me and create my brand.

Thanks, Marc

Fine Art Textiles Availability

Fine Art Textiles are available immediately thru the website and by contacting the Studio directly.

The company offers a wide range of textile products and services designed to create a unique home environment. We work directly with designers and are looking for distributers and salespeople.

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About Love is a Pillow

Founded in 2014, Love is a Pillow was created as a way to get Marc’s vast catalog of art off the wall in conventional manners and on the Couch, Bed and Floor. The Pillows are hand made up to 50”x50”. Everything is made to order.
In addition to the pillow line, there will be shower curtains, wallpaper, area rugs, silk goods, and a forward push as an entire home goods company.

Love is a Pillow

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