Living My MoMent, Recruits State MoMent Influencers By Taking Social Media To The Next Level

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Are you constantly looking for the next “Big” thing? Are you the type of MoM who LOVES to share great news and products from small businesses? We are looking for YOU! Our national company, Living My MoMent, is looking to partner with the best and the brightest. We want talented writers to blog for Living My MoMent.

Columbus, Ohio (PRUnderground) April 19th, 2011

In April 2009, Abbey Fatica created Living My MoMent as a website that would promote and give exposure to small businesses owned by moms. This venture started off as a hobby and gave Fatica a project to do while her children were little. As Living My MoMent began to get more exposure of it’s own, Fatica decided to relaunch the website and change the structure of the business so that she would be able to reach out to more moms and dads who owned businesses.

As a result of this change to become a full service advertising agency, Fatica now employs five other moms, one is Living My MoMent’s Social Media Marketing Manager and the other four are Brand Development Executives. Another service that Living My MoMent provides is graphic and web design. Fatica realized that she needed to hire a team to perform this service for her clients, so she has contracted a MoM and DaD team from Kolbedesign, LLC to be the “in-house” designers for Living My MoMent. With all the changes that have occurred in the last two years of being in business, Fatica wanted to expand the business even further and little did she know that social media would be a major forefront to grow her business.

At the beginning of this week, Living My MoMent will start the recruiting process for 50 State MoMent Influencers. Qualifications for these moms is that they are:

  • Highly active on Twitter
  • Have a certain number of followers
  • Be engaging with their peers
  • Be an influencer in their circle

Living My MoMent also invites the Moms to submit articles to their site, which will in turn be tweeted out for them by 50 plus other people, getting exposure for their sites or blogs. In order to form a great team, Living My MoMent wants to bring on people to the team who have entrepreneurial spirit, great ideas and want to feel a sense of ownership to Living My MoMent.

“These moms might start off just tweeting several different tweets a day to their followers for Living My MoMent, but over time, these moms will want to invest more of their time and become a part of our team,” states a hopeful, Fatica.

As part of an incentive program, Living My MoMent will be offering a Commission for Life that will be discussed in further detail upon request. The premise of this program is so that everyone in the company can help bring in sales and new clients and make money off the incoming revenue.

“With a matter of 50 plus people tweeting about Living My MoMent and the State Mom Influencers the hope is that we can go viral with our mission to help gain exposure for mom owned small businesses,” explains Fatica. “A sense of Company unity is extremely important to our staff and we want to be surrounded by people who have the same Integral Ideals that we do.”

The staff at Living My MoMent is encouraging every mom that has clout in their circle of Twitter followers and Facebook fans to join in on this project. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone. For the State MoMent Influencers, for Living My MoMent and of course for the clients. Plus, Living My MoMent is a company that is committed to helping small business owners and entrepreneurial moms succeed. For more information on this position, please email Stefanie at


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