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Lifestyle Brand Overvogue Is More Than Fashion, Has Music To Share

Industry: Fashion

New lifestyle brand Overvogue have their sights set on far more than just being just an apparel line with the release of their music single “Overvogue!

Austin, TX (PRUnderground) November 2nd, 2013

From the outset, new Austin, TX based lifestyle brand Overvogue has made it clear they have their sights set on far more than just being just an apparel line. It’s now apparent they’re looking beyond the realm of fashion altogether with the release of a music single “Overvogue,” cross-promoting the unveiling of their new designer T-Shirt collection “OV Means Over”.

The appropriately titled single “Overvogue” is presented by The OV Sound Lab, a partnership between Overvogue and Nashville producer/ASCAP songwriter Shane Almgren. The edgy elctro-rock/pop sound is the perfect audio embodiment of the visual aesthetic of the line, so Overvogue believes the appeal of one will generate an inherent appeal in the other. This single is available at dozens of digital distributors, including iTunes, and can be heard on YouTube  www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA0d2gHu7Qo  as well as their website.

About Roula Mansour

Roula Mansour is an admired and respected international fashion designer who has successfully navigated the vogue inner-circles for a decade and a half. Having lived most of her life in Dubai, Roula has designed timeless casual and haute couture masterpieces for the elite of Dubai society, including well-known and beloved royals. Following a relocation half a world away to Austin, TX with her husband and family, Roula fell in love with the new culture and American way of life; rekindling her ambitious life’s dream of building her own line of attainable, lifestyle fashion influenced by the American spirit, “Overvogue” was born. Embodying the ideal that women should embrace ambition to rival any man’s, Roula has conjured up grand plans for “Overvogue” that are magnificent in scope. With the full support of her husband, family and circle of friends, she melds her unquenchable passion and unyielding drive with an unwavering determination to make her own version of the American Dream come true.

About Shane Almgren:

Shane Almgren is a professional pianist/keyboardist, producer, dj & ASCAP songwriter with nearly 3 decades of experience. A classical pianist from the age of 4, he gravitated toward pop/rock and eventually Electronic Dance Music. He’s made television appearances, toured internationally, scored indie films; and written, produced, and performed with a plethora of talented artists you’ve never heard of. He prefers it that way.

For complete information please visit www.overvogue.com

About Overvogue

Overvogue is a brand new lifestyle/fashion brand based in Austin, Tx. It is chic, sassy, edgy & FUN clothing with an ATTITUDE from Dubai fashion designer Roula Monsour.

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