LedgerDocs’ QuickBooks Online Integration Completes The Accounting Loop

Industry: Accounting

Provides a perfectly integrated document management solution for US and Canadian QuickBooks Online users

Vancouver, BC (PRUnderground) December 4th, 2014

The newly launched QuickBooks Online integration from cloud-based document management start-up LedgerDocs is a time saving and user friendly feature that allows individuals to create transactions from documents which post directly to, QuickBooks Online (QBO), the leader in small business accounting software.

Using LedgerDocs, small business owners and entrepreneurs can continue to scan, email, or take photos of their documents such as receipts, invoices, and statements to send directly to their bookkeeper or accountant.

With the QuickBooks Online integration, bookkeepers and accountants can now create transactions such as bills and invoices to post directly to QBO. This is done using a very simple and intuitive user interface that works right out of the box.

It also creates the opportunity for bookkeepers or accountants to share these tasks with their clients to help reduce time spent and lower service fees when applicable. Clients with the most limited knowledge of bookkeeping can create these simple transactions without working within QuickBooks Online.

Most importantly, the document in question is linked to the transaction in QBO. This is particularly useful for audit purposes or for looking up source transactions — and it’s all done in the cloud.

LedgerDocs CEO Wayne Zielke is excited by this new addition:

“We’re positioning LedgerDocs to sit between the small business owner, their accountant or bookkeeper, and their accounting software [QuickBooks Online, for example].

Think about a building contractor who is onsite, and a cement truck shows up. They get the bill right at the job site. So he takes a picture of it with his iPhone and uploads it to LedgerDocs. The accountant receives it in real-time. There’s no phoning and asking, ‘Did you send that stuff?’

The result is LedgerDocs closes the loop on the whole communication issue around exchanging accounting documents, saving time and money.”

LedgerDocs for QuickBooks Online is available now. For more information visit www.ledgerdocs.com/qbo


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