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Learn more about the benefits of LED Lighting Systems with Earth Elements

Industry: Environmental Services

Earth Elements is at the forefront when it comes to the installation of LED Lighting Systems, which could not only save you money but also reduce your carbon foot print

Devon (PRUnderground) June 20th, 2012

Energy saving is on most people’s minds these days, especially when we see our energy bills rising. One question which is often asked by our customers is “how can we reduce our energy demands?”

Well, the answer depends on your annual household requirements. Some of the most popular methods to aid the reduction of energy within a household are solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy and LED lighting systems.

Many people often regard heat pumps or solar panels as the best ways to cut their CO2 emissions, but when you consider the amount of household lights which are used within your house every morning and evening, plus the amount of power you’re drawing at these periods, you will come to realise that an LED lighting system offers great potential savings too.

Some of the biggest benefits of LED lighting are that less heat is produced by LED bulbs than the conventional bulb lighting, which is a direct result of more efficiency in the conversion of electricity to light. This means that LED lighting is safer. Combine that with the fact that LED lighting has a lower operating temperature and wattage means that you have a bulb that removes the two main dangers of conventional lighting systems.

Another big advantage over conventional lighting is that LED lighting has an extremely long life expectancy and can operate for up to 50,000 hours. So although there might be a greater initial outlay with an LED bulb, in the long run you save two and a half times the difference over the life of the bulb, and that’s not even considering the energy savings you will make.

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Earth Elements are national providers of renewable energy technologies, installing solar panels, wind turbines, heat pumps and a range of other sophisticated systems into both commercial and domestic premises. Our products have been designed to help both lower consumer costs and make the UK a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place to live.

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