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Mole Valley Farmers has set up a helpful new renewable energy web page and built a groundbreaking demonstration site at a dairy farm in Somerset.

South West and Wales (PRUnderground) May 22nd, 2012

Since its formation over fifty years ago, Mole Valley Farmers has been committed to doing what is best for the British countryside, as well as providing a great range of farming supplies to all kinds of agricultural workers.

Now, with our cooperative more diverse than ever before, we have set up a helpful new web page and built a groundbreaking renewable energy demonstration site that will help both us and our followers learn more about what will be the future of fuel in the UK and around the world.

Along with extensive news and information sections detailing alternative energy and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Mole Energy describes the work being done at our dairy farm site at Ashcott in Somerset. With features such as a solar PV array and panels, a ground heat source pump and biomass boiler (as well plans for further development, including a wind turbine and anaerobic digester), our set-up has so far exceeded targets set by the Joint Research Centre by 21 per cent.

One of the most innovative of farming tools that professionals in the agricultural industry can now take advantage of, renewable energy has limitless benefits, providing users with financial incentives, cheaper bills and a way of making the earth a greener place. Visit today to find out more about Mole Valley’s approach to this new, sustainable way of life.

About Mole Valley Farmers

Mole Valley Farmers was started in 1960 by a small group of farmers around South Molton who were concerned by the discriminatory practices and the large margins being taken by many of their input suppliers. From the outset it was decided to treat all members equally, subject only to quantity allowance and that the Company would operate on the minimum margin to allow continuity and growth. Today it remains one of a few true co-operatives in the supply industry.

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