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Lead Optimize Outsourced Marketing built a remarkable system around helping manufacturers drive into niches and get higher average margins and sales.

Houston, TX (PRUnderground) December 1st, 2014

Lead Optimize Outsourced Marketing in Houston, TX has officially decided to specialize in marketing for manufacturers.

Started in 2008 by Chris Denny, Lead Optimize currently has clients from a wide range of industries but their system is primarily designed for the needs of manufacturers and distributors. Founder, Chris Denny, explains, “Our system is easily adaptable to some other types of businesses and — if we can do so profitably and in a way that delivers a great return for the client — we are happy to accept clients from other industries. If we give a prospective client a proposal it’s because we’re confident can make them more money.” They do not actively reach out to find clients in industries other than manufacturing and distributing.

Delivering Higher Margins Through Niches

Lead Otimize is optimized for marketing to niches. In fact, Chris often says “niches are our niche.” Part of their system for marketing to manufacturers relies on their ability to break down a client’s target markets by niche and market needs and then match those with the company’s operational strengths. There’s actually a little more to it than just marketing.

When selected properly and presented with the right marketing methods and messages, niche markets deliver significantly higher margins than the average sale. Additionally, they tend to offer come with siginificant “fringe” benefits such as a greater liklihood of having “raving fan” customers because the solutions are matched so specifically to the needs.

It’s About the Message & Delivery

When pushed for some of the methods used in the average manufacturer’s marketing campaign, Chris said he doesn’t mind telling what tools they use for their clients, “We use websites, PPC, postcards, videos, and everything all the other [marketing] companies use. It’s about our ability to match supply and demand at the niche level and then write a damn great offer and consistently deliver the message to the right people.”

Why They Focused on Marketing for Manufacturers

The decision to focus on manufacturers and distributors was simple. It is what their system was designed around — from lead generation to branding to sales support — and it is where they have had their most clear-cut successes. Plus, from a practical point-of-view, they are following their own advice by focusing their messaging, ideas, and resources on a niche — one they can serve really damn well.

About Lead Optimize, LLC

Lead Optimize is an outsourced marketing department in Houston, TX. Lead Optimize designs, implements, and manages profitable marketing and sales support systems for clients with complex or long sales cycles to increase sales and close rates.

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