Lawsuit Funding Firm, Fair Rate Funding, Predicts Increase in Slip and Fall Settlement Loans

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With the increase in slippery surfaces due to colder weather conditions, lawsuit funding firm, Fair Rate Funding expects rise in slip and fall claims.

Manasquan, NJ (PRUnderground) October 31st, 2014

Fair Rate Funding, a national lawsuit funding company, is expecting to see a sharp rise in the number of slip and fall filings against property owners as the year comes to a close. As Fall turns to Winter and temperatures start to drop, the formation of icy patches and the threat they pose will grow exponentially.

Businesses owners and landlords are required by law in most states to treat, either with salt or grit, any icy patches on their properties that might pose a hazard to pedestrians or the general public. Failure to do so often constitutes negligence on the part of these property owners and could lead to civil suits being filed against them. Any person who slips and falls on an untreated patch of ice is well within their rights to take the property owner to court.

According the the Center for Disease Control, between 20 and 30% of people who experience slip and fall injuries suffer moderate to severe injuries, including bruising, sprains, tears, lacerations, and fractures ( While the bulk of slip and fall accidents occur within retail or commercial establishments, the number of slip and falls owing to untreated no or ice sees a boost during the Winter months.

Fair Rate Funding implores that all pedestrians take great care when walking along streets and sidewalks during the Winter months. An article published by the University of Wisconsin ( warns pedestrians to approach all streets and sidewalk, even those that have been treated, with caution. They further advise particular caution toward ‘black ice’ which can be nearly invisible and forms when dew, fog, or water vapor freezes to cold surfaces.

For those who do fall victim to untreated icy conditions, filing suit is often the only course of action that provides reimbursement for medical treatment and pain and suffering. Bear in mind however, that slip and fall cases can be particularly difficult and often spend years going through the courts.

Meanwhile, slip and fall cases can cost plaintiffs significant sums in medical bills. And injuries sustained in the accident can cause plaintiffs to miss time from work.

Fair Rate Funding works to lessen the hardship of extended court battles by offering settlement loans for plaintiffs in slip and fall cases.

Settlement loans are non-recourse cash advances that can be used to help pay medical expenses while a lawsuit is litigated.

You can learn more about settlement funding and what cases qualify for it on Fair Rate Funding’s website at (

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