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Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Jewelry Announces Affiliate Program

Industry: Healthcare

Riverside, Missouri-based Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Jewelry has announced the launch of an Affiliate Marketing Program targeted at health-related bloggers and retailers.

Riverside, Missouri (PRUnderground) February 21st, 2014

Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Jewelry, an online retailer based just outside Kansas City, Missouri, has announced a new Affiliate Marketing Program, operated through trusted affiliate marketing management company, Marketing Manager, Tara Cohen, explains, “Our incredible network of health-related bloggers is extremely excited to see such a robust, supported Affiliate Marketing Program in place with Lauren’s Hope. It’s a great opportunity for them to promote Lauren’s Hope, the industry leader in stylish, personalized medical alert jewelry, to their readers who need ICE (In Case of Emergency), caregiver, or medical ID bracelets, necklaces, and other products. Affiliates receive a generous 10% commission off the total order value.”

Beyond the company’s existing network of health-related bloggers, Lauren’s Hope is welcoming all bloggers and retailers who serve a similar demographic to apply to become Lauren’s Hope Affiliates through a free, quick application process. In particular, becoming a Lauren’s Hope Affiliate is a great fit for bloggers who discuss health-related topics such as the following:

·      Type 1 Diabetes

·      Type 2 Diabetes

·      Epilepsy

·      Autism

·      Alzheimer’s

·      Memory Loss

·      Breast Cancer and Lymphedema

·      Cognitive Impairments

·      Caregiving

·      Gastric Bypass and other Weight Loss Surgery

Becoming a Lauren’s Hope Affiliate is also an excellent fit for retailers and e-commerce sites offering health-related products such as therapeutic devices, durable medical equipment, mastectomy bras and attire, and similar products. Additionally, as increasing numbers of athletes have begun wearing medical ID jewelry as a form of ICE identification, bloggers and retailers serving the athletic, fitness, and sport market can also find great returns as Lauren’s Hope Affiliates.

To apply to become a Lauren’s Hope Affiliate, please visit:

For more information, contact Lauren’s Hope Affiliate Program Manager, Brittany McNeal at 800.360.8680 or email

About Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Jewelry

Lauren’s Hope provides high quality medical alert jewelry for adults and children. Founded in 2001, this Riverside, Missouri-based company has sold potentially lifesaving medical ID jewelry to more than 400,000 customers worldwide. For information on Lauren’s Hope or to learn more about medical alert jewelry, please send inquiries to Marketing Manager Tara Cohen at, or call 1.800.360.8680.

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