Kroger Supermarket Chain Sponsors Save-A-Life Program; Free Life Saving Tools Distributed At In-Store Pharmacy

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Kroger, one of the nation’s largest groceries chains, will sponsor “Save-A-Life” program the first week of May, 2011.

Wayne, NJ (PRUnderground) April 26th, 2011

Kroger, one of the nation’s largest groceries chains, will sponsor “Save-A-Life” program the first week of May, 2011. Taking place at pharmacies in local Kroger supermarkets, the new program will include distribution of free life saving products to anyone visiting the store pharmacy.

Among the items to be distributed is the new Info-4-Life® kit, an emergency medical information system which makes vital medical information available to emergency medical personnel when responding to call. This at home medical information system facilitates the job of responders and is particularly important if the person in distress is unable to communicate.

The Info-4-Life kit includes four items: two medical information forms, a clear magnetic holder and a door sticker. The forms come in two sizes, one which is wallet-sized and carried at all times and the other larger one which is prominently displayed in the clear magnetic holder on the refrigerator door. Emergency Medical Services will be alerted to the presence of this information by a red and white Info-4-Life sticker on the front door, also part of the kit.

To ensure that all EMS, ambulance and other emergency services in areas adjacent to Kroger stores are aware of the program, all local support services will also receive an Info-4-Life package to familiarize themselves with the program. This will make medical personnel immediately aware that crucial information about the ill person is readily available.

The Save-A-Life program is just one of the many programs that Kroger stores engage in to give back to the community. In addition to Kroger, this unique community outreach will take place in other stores in their chain including Fry’s, Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, Smith’s and King Soopers for a total of more than 1600 in-store pharmacies.


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