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Kids Summer Camps Offered In Westminster, CO’s The Dojo of Karate

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Are you looking for a kids summer camp that will give your child a great workout, and improve their life skills -- The Dojo of Karate offers a Kids Karate Summer Camp!

Westminster, CO (PRUnderground) June 2nd, 2014

Westminster Kids Karate Summer Camp.  The Dojo of Karate has grown a reputation for being one of the best Martial Arts & Fitness schools in Westminster & Broomfield, CO.

With their structured karate classes, knowledgable karate instructor, and fun programs — kids and adults are benefiting from traditional Japanese Karate, modern day self-defense, and a much more enjoyable form physical fitness.

Every summer, The Dojo of Karate offers a Kids Karate Summer Camp program that allows new coming students an opportunity to tryout Karate lessons for 6 weeks and get a FREE Karate uniform.  This is their best deal of the year, and they only have 30 spots available for new students.

How Is The Kids Karate Summer Camp Different From Other Summer Camps?

Easy.  During the Kids Karate Summer Camp, Head Instructor & Owner, Sensei Javier Lozano takes his students through warm ups, followed by some fundamental Karate basics that will teach your child coordination skills, balance, and focus.  After that, The Dojo of Karate creates drills that further expand and improve their physical fitness in agility, endurance, and flexibility — such as punching combinations on focus pads, kicking drills on heavy bags, and partner drills designed to teach them teamwork.

However, some of the more important intangibles that so many parents rave about their child learning at The Dojo of Karate is their improved discipline when following directions, increased focus when told to do a chore, better respect towards adults and peers, rock sold confidence in their abilities, and goal setting skills that help them achieve higher challenges.

Why is all of this important?

Karate is not just an activity or sport, where you drop your child and pick them up 45 minutes later.  When you train at The Dojo of Karate, your child will gain necessary life skills that will carry over into their everyday living.  The goal of The Dojo of Karate is to help students become better citizens while teaching them valuable self-defense skills through the martial arts.

What Does The Kids Karate Summer Camp Include?

When you enroll your child in The Dojo of Karate’s Kids Karate Summer Camp, they will get the following:

  • 1 Semi-private karate class with Sensei Lozano – $100 value
  • 1 FREE karate uniform – $35 value
  • 6 Weeks of group Karate training sessions – $298 value
  • 1 Summer camp starter guide – $17 value

Usually a package like this offered at The Dojo of Karate would run over $400!  However, since The Dojo of Karate believes in offering fun and exciting Summer Camp programs to the general public, they are offering this same package for a fraction of the cost.

All of this for ONLY $189!

That’s right, your child will gain the benefits of the martial arts through their Kids Karate Summer Camp program for only $189!

When Can I Signup?

The Dojo of Karate is encouraging everyone that is interested in getting their child enrolled in their program to signup now, as there are only 30 spots available.  Even if your child can not start training until a later date down the road, they can still  guarantee a spot if you signup now.  For instance, if you need to start AFTER July 4th, then your 6 weeks of training will begin from that start date.

Who Can Enroll In The Kids Karate Summer Camp?

The Dojo of Karate starts kids as young as 4.5 years old and go up from there.  And, if you’re an adult interested in learning Karate, The Dojo of Karate offers an exclusive Adult Karate program — which is an extremely popular program among parents.

To learn more, simply go to or simply call 303-920-4500.

About The Dojo of Karate

The Dojo of Karate is the leading martial arts and fitness school, dedicated to helping kids, teens, and adults achieve focus, self-confidence, respect, and self-defense skills, through their amazing Karate program to residents residing in Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton and other surrounding areas in Colorado.

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