KEPERS Doesn’t Want You To Get Caught With Dirty Shoes

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KEPERS are a low cost, more efficient but equally durable alternative to galoshes and rain boots.

Studio City, CA (PRUnderground) January 1st, 2015

The rain and snow season is upon us. KEPERS are an innovative new shoe skin that are an absolute must-have for fashionistas, shoe connoisseurs, and most importantly, anyone who loves their brand-spanking-new shoes! Currently priced at just $9.99-$11.99 per pair makes KEPERS easily affordable. For men, galoshes are expensive and can’t be worn over your favorite kicks and women can’t even wear their heels with rain boots.

CS4A8007 .pngKEPERS protects your shoes from rain, snow, dirt, and that nasty smudge stain on the back of your driving foot. KEPERS are made from a durable weatherproof material with anti-weather zippers and a non-skid sole. Reusable, easy to slip on and off, and wipes clean in one easy step! Every pair of KEPERS comes with a stylish cotton pouch so you can keep your KEPERS handy in the car or slip it in your bag or backpack.

KEPERS are designed to actually function. KEPERS fit easily over your shoes and stays put! So yes. You can walk and drive in them comfortably without hassle!

Ladies! We can now actually wear our white shoes! Guys, never stain your expensive kicks and shoes ever again. You will never have to take off your driver’s shoe, and never get caught driving dirty!

Justin Scott from Brooklyn, New York says ”I had to change my desired shoe color of choice because driving and the bad weather only allowed me to wear dark colored shoes so they’ll look newer longer. KEPERS are the answer to my prayers.”

KEPERS will keep your kicks fresh and your shoes looking like new!


KEPERS protects your shoes from the all the elements. Rain, snow, that nasty dirty smudge that smears the back of expensive designer shoes when driving, are a thing of the past. Worry no more about dirtying your shoes before you get to the club or wherever you may be going. Step out the car styling like you just walked out the shoe store.

Rain and Snow are no match for KEPERS waterproof zipper and durable weatherproof materials.
Kepers are easy to put on and take off, and are extremely easy to clean. Kepers are reusable and they Fit Stylishly Over Your Favorite Heels and Kicks.

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