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Ken’s Pepper Works, Redefining Hot Sauce on Kickstarter

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Ken’s Pepper Works is raising $10,000 on Kickstarter to produce three unique and complex hot sauces. Taste First…Ask Questions Later!

St. Louis, MO (PRUnderground) April 22nd, 2014

Ken’s Pepper Works is raising $10,000 on Kickstarter to produce three unique and complex hot sauces.  Each sauce has a very different flavor profile and is targeted to those craving a full flavored, all-natural, low vinegar hot sauce.   These sauces are gluten free and contain no preservatives.

Artisan hot sauces and chile-related products have become extremely popular.  There is a shift from tremendously searing hot sauces made with chile extract to gourmet sauces and condiments focusing on flavor first.  Additionally, health conscious consumers are demanding preservative and gluten-free products.  Ken’s Pepper Works is set to flourish in this atmosphere with their first three products.

RED THUNDER is sweet, smoky and tangy with a very complex flavor profile.  It contains exotic ingredients like tamarind as well as tried and true flavor combinations such as carrots, ginger and honey.  The combination of tamarind, brown sugar and lime juice provide a tangy Asian BBQ flare.  Red habanero and chipotle peppers provide the heat.  RED THUNDER goes wonderfully with BBQ, pizza, wings, pasta, Asian food, beef, pork, chicken and just about anything.  RED THUNDER will light up your taste buds!

Island Sunshine is sweet and savory.  The sweet comes from pineapples, oranges, honey and brown sugar.  The savory comes from carrots, ginger, garlic and red onion.  The heat comes from scotch bonnets and red habanero peppers.  Pair with chicken, pork, seafood, pizza, mac & cheese, Asian dishes and many other foods.  Island Sunshine is the perfect marriage of pineapples and scotch bonnet peppers.  Say “I Do” to Island Sunshine!

RIO GRANDE MUD is a savory Mexican style sauce. It is earthy, smoky and complex.  The heat comes from guajillo, de arbol, chipotle and red habanero peppers.  Roasted garlic is in no short supply and undertones of chocolate and coffee add balance and complexity.  Use on beef, pork, poultry, BBQ, steak, eggs, chili, sandwiches or anything south of the border!  Transport yourself to Mexico with RIO GRANDE MUD.  Ole!

Kickstarter allows small creative ventures to secure funding for their dreams.   It’s an “all-or-nothing” model.  If Ken’s Pepper Works does not meet their funding goal within 30 days (by May 1, 2014) then no credit cards are charged and we do not receive any funds.  You can find us on Kickstarter at


If you would like to schedule an interview to discuss our company or Kickstarter campaign, please contact us by email at or send a tweet to @kenspepperworks.

About Ken’s Pepper Works

Ken’s Pepper Works is proud to be part of a vibrant and rapidly growing hot sauce community.  We were founded on the philosophy of quality ingredients and bold flavors.  Our sauces do not contain bitter extracts and are made to compliment food, not overwhelm.

About Ken

Ken Stringer studied geology and worked for an environmental consulting company for 12 years.  He then traded in his rocks to work as an information technology defense contractor.  Although his job has changed over the years, his love of food, cooking and all things spicy has remained constant.

About Kens Pepper Works

Ken’s Pepper Works creates high quality, unique, artisan hot sauces focused on complex flavor profiles. Our sauces are gluten free, all natural and do not contain preservatives.

We believe in flavor first, not vinegar. Our goal is to bring out the chile flavor in versatile sauces that can be used every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Taste first…ask questions later!

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Ken Stringer