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Ken Myers Headlines Free Think University Course

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Ken Myers Interviews Murray Milner and Vincent Miller in new course entitled Do We Consume Too Much?

Charlottesville, Virginia (PRUnderground) December 9th, 2013

There really are two ways to be wealthy: one is to make more money, the other is to be content and joyful with what you have.  Our society seems to be relentless in its pursuit of having more things.  So Free Think University is engaging students around the world to consider a simple but perhaps quite fundamental question: “Do We Consume Too Much?”

The course, the latest from Free Think University, a leader in the growing “learn-to-earn” movement, seeks some answers through listening to a conversation.  The conversation is between two men, both very informed and concerned about the rate of consumption in our society and the “training” most young people undergo in keeping abreast with consumerist society.  In a series of interviews, Ken Myers from Mars Hill Audio discusses our consumerism with author Murray Milner as well as author and professor Vincent Miller.

After the sessions, students have the option of completing an assessment through which they earn Free Think University scholarship points.  These points can be applied in frequently announced competitions for cash scholarships that help students pay for their higher education costs and other life learning experiences.

Free Think University partnered with Mars Hill Audio to produce this unique course experience.  Free Think U offers a current library of nearly 50 courses in the same format, which deal with other questions relating to The Great Conversation.  More than 30,000 students have registered for classes or weekly alerts that are emailed to the growing community – “where students are free to learn and learn for free, anytime, anywhere” – according to the Free Think U website.

About Mars Hills Audio

Since 1993, MARS HILL AUDIO has been committed to assisting Christians who desire to move from thoughtless consumption of contemporary culture to a vantage point of thoughtful engagement. Mars Hill Audio and its founder and show host Ken Myers endeavor to encourage sensibilities and habits of thoughtful cultural engagement through creative audio resources, produced at its studio in Virginia.  For more information go to

About Free Think University

Free Think University is where more than 30,000 free-thinking students have joined what Mortimer Adler called “The Great Conversation” – the dialogue of the ages about The Big Questions of our day, and where they participate in one of the fastest-growing independent scholarship funds in America. Submit questions for future courses to For more information go to or follow @freethinku.

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