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Keep a loved one’s gravestone in mint condition this winter with AK Lander

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Winter has officially arrived in the UK and it is now more important than ever to make sure a loved one’s gravestone is maintained properly.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) December 8th, 2015

AK Lander don’t just offer some of the best memorial headstones you can buy, they offer you a great service as well.

Take AK Lander’s grave maintenance service, which covers gravestones made from marble and other materials.

With the wind and rain currently battering the UK and the potential of freezing weather on the horizon, you need your loved one’s headstone or memorial to stand up to the test of time.

The AK Lander maintenance programme means that the deterioration of headstones will be significantly reduced and they will last a lot longer than headstones that have not benefitted from any maintenance whatsoever.

Here at AK Lander, we normally charge an annual fee of just £80 for the maintenance memorial programme.

Our experts can identify what maintenance needs to be undertaken for each case. The programme includes grave maintenance services, and headstone services such as cleaning, restoring and repairing headstones. The service also includes repairing and replacing inscriptions on headstones.

To find out more about the AK Lander maintenance programme or if you are interested in learning more about the memorials you can purchase, then contact one of their friendly supervisors on 0800 377 7057 to find out more about the service they offer and the bespoke memorials available.

About AK Lander

AK Lander have been making memorials since 1866, and we pride ourselves on offering an affordable range of high quality headstones. We offer complete peace of mind and a professional service that is highly valued by our customers, who appreciate our help at a particularly difficult time for them.

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