June Lake Lodging – 10 Things You should Do If A Wildfire Strikes

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The wildfire on June Mountain, which had expanded to as much as 65 acres, now looks to be under control. If you are lodging at June Lake, here are 10 things to remember.

June Lake, California (PRUnderground) September 19th, 2014

The continued quality and power the wildfire response in June Mountain inspires confidence that the fire will soon be completely extinguished, preventing our community from the wildfire devastation that is currently ravaging other parts of California.

No structural damage has been reported in June Lake.  Nonetheless, some homes were threatened and mandatory evacuations were in effect, reminding us of the gravity of the fires threatening communities throughout the state.  As of this morning, Cal Fire reports that eight other wildfires are being battled in California, one of which is inside Yosemite National Park.

While there is little that any one resident or vacationer lodging at June Lake can do to control a fire, there are things that can be done as a fire approaches:

  1. Seal up the house: close all vents, doors, windows, shutters, etc.  Remove flammable curtains and drapes.
  2. Disconnect automatic garage door openers: make it easy for firefighters to get in if the power goes out.
  3. Stop drafts in your home: close all the doors inside your home and your fireplace screen.
  4. Connect your hoses and set out your outdoor tools: shovels, rakes, hoes, etc.
  5. Fill up all receptacles around your house with water: this includes garbage cans, hot tubs, pools, etc.
  6. Clear out everything within 35 feet of your home: start with what’s flammable, then move on to anything that could conceivably get in a firefighter’s way.
  7. Put a ladder against the house: make sure it is in plain view from the road.
  8. Hose down everything flammable within 15 feet of your home: if your roof isn’t waterproofed, water it down, too.
  9. Turn off the gas at the source: we often forget the simplest things when we panic.
  10. Prepare to evacuate: back your car into the driveway and make a plan for where you and your family will be comfortable if you must post up for a week or more.  And when you the authorities tell you to leave, go!  Remember to shut that garage door.

If the fire catches you while you are departing, know that you have better odds of surviving a firestorm in you car than trying to escape on foot.  Proceed cautiously, turn your headlights on, close the air vents, and keep the windows rolled up.

Finally, once the fire is over, keep in mind everyone that has helped to protect livelihoods, lives and property.  In the case of the recet June Mountain fire our community is especially grateful to the June Lake Volunteer Fire Department, the California Office of Emergency Services, the Bureau of Land Management, the June Lake Public Utility District, Cal Fire, Caltrans, Mono County, the California Highway Patrol, Inyo County, and US Forest Service.

For the latest status update on the fire, visit the Mammoth Times Facebook page.

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