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Juice Your Way Back 10 Years Now Available on Amazon

Industry: Health and Nutrition

New book by James Uberti exposes the toxic truth about what causes premature aging, weight gain

Palm Desert, CA (PRUnderground) February 8th, 2016

Juice Your Way Back Media Publishing and James Uberti have released a brand new book that teaches the steps to identify weight gain and age robbing culprits, restore health and reverse the signs of premature aging easily in a step-by-step process that helps people get their sexy back in 30 days or less.

Inside the book, readers will find powerful insight on what food manufacturers, drug companies, and product manufactures don’t want them to know about, what causes premature aging and disease, and the steps necessary to identify, remove, and restore health and appearance.

One recent customer on Amazon said, “Juice Your Way Back 10 Years is definitely worth the money! Great information. This book was written in a knowledgeable, thoughtful way to give those who want to change their life, health, and energy, etc. the tools along with simple directions. James Uberti expertise is exceptional. An inspiring book to feel better, look better, and simply be better. Love this! Can’t wait for this next book. Truly!”

Readers around the country are also reporting similar results reading Juice Your Way Back 10 Years and by taking the Juice Your Way Back Challenge for twenty and even forty days have seen nothing short of a transformation back in time to a younger, healthier self. Two things happened through the book; first people dramatically reduced the intake of toxins, and second they balanced out their gut bacteria and flooded every cell with cleansing, detoxifying, and anti-aging nutrients, resulting in a dramatic weight loss, increased vitality, energy, a clear mind, and a younger looking appearance undoing years of damage from an unhealthy toxic lifestyle.

Those interested in buying the book can visit Amazon to purchase a paperback version or choose an instant downloadable e-book format.

More information about the book can be found at Amazon.

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Juice your way back™ is a series of books and products that includes the most effective fruits, vegetables and herbal juice blends to help reverse aging, lose weight and restore health.

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