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Jenni Rivera Filed for Divorce Months Before Tragic Plane Crash

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Reports now indicate beloved Latina celebrity Jenni Rivera, who tragically lost her life this past Sunday in a plane crash at the tender age of 43, had plans to divorce.

USA (PRUnderground) December 11th, 2012

Reports are now indicating that beloved Latina celebrity Jenni Rivera, who tragically lost her life this past Sunday in a plane crash at the tender age of 43, had plans to divorce husband Esteban Loiaza.

According to E! Online, Rivera had filed for divorce, and had cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for her desire to dissolve the marriage. Loiaza, a Major League Baseball pitcher with stretches on professional teams, including the Blue Jays, Rangers, Yankees, and Dodgers, had not yet responded to the plea for divorce from Rivera, though the couple had already separated as recently as September of this year.

In the wake of such a tragedy as the loss of life, another important question looms for many in the media—that is, why so many celebrity divorces? After all, Rivera and Loiaza had scarcely been legally married for two years upon having separated. And the follow up question, asked by celebrity psychologists and other members of the media like Dr. Drew Penski, Dr. Phil, and others is, does the increase and consistency with which celebrities divorce reflect in the numbers of divorces we see reported among everyday married couples?

With the ease of online divorce putting dissolution well within simple and affordable reach for most young couples these days, and with the onslaught of celebrity divorce stories as we close out 2012, is there a quantifiable impact?

“Sometimes I look at this generation and feel like divorce is basically more a rite of passage than something people are avoiding—it’s as if people seem to know they’ll have one under the belt before they find the person they’ll actually spend the rest of their lives with,” says Bernice Onsendar, a Bakersfield couples counselor. Onsendar adds, “I do what I can to discourage divorce before all other options have been discussed, but it does seem to me in many circumstances that an easy online divorce is both affordable and in many cases, sadly, quite appropriate.”

As for Rivera and her family, one can only hope that any separation of family and estate will go smoothly for the sake of those who survive her.

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