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ISO Standard for improving services to New York Stock Exchange Companies. Adalberto Vazquez Gomez

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With New companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Adalberto Vazquez Gomez improve quality for any company subject to the US Sarbanes-Oxley act. Unique Service

Tabasco, Mexico (PRUnderground) February 7th, 2014

New ISO Standard Certification. Adalberto Vazquez Gomez Accounting Services.

In the area of Quality Management, Adalberto Vazquez Gomez was recognized for his collaboration in the  ISO 9001 V2000 quality certification obtain by Vazquez Gomez & associates for all services in the Accounting Department.

The approach now relies on the processes and allows, for each of them, to seek improvement, simplification, and adopt the best practices, to produce the accounts within the time frames and with a quality level that meets any company expectations.

Adalberto Vazquez Gomez, leader of the team remarks that the objective of accounting process management is to roll out the quality process of accounting management, whose major focuses are the following:

• to improve the performance and quality of the services provided;

• to consolidate the confidence of its partners;

• to increase the professionalism of its actors.

Because the proposals of work with companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Adalberto Vazquez Gomez improve quality assurance from his services so any company subject to the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Can complain with it and also in conformity with the provisions of Article 404 of the Act, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer must prepare a report, in which they make a declaration on the effectiveness of internal control of the production of the Group’s financial statements, established according to IFRS standards and presented in the Annual Financial Statements (Form 20-F), that is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States. The Statutory Auditors make their own assessment of internal control. The opinion of management and Statutory Auditors appears annually in Form 20-F.

To satisfy primarily Article 404 of the Act, Adalberto Vazquez Gomez must run an ongoing program to inculcate a culture of internal control throughout any group he advice, led by the Group Internal Control department.

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Adalberto Vázquez Gómez is an accountant in Tabasco, Mexico with experience on public and private administration.

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