IP Conceptions Offers Fixed-Fee ‘Secure Baby Program’

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Surrogacy service offers future parents as many egg donations, IVF cycles and embryo transfers as necessary to achieve live birth

Sugar Grove, Illinois (PRUnderground) September 19th, 2014

Intended parents will now have access to as many egg donation cycles, in vitro fertilization cycles and embryo transfers as they need to achieve a successful live surrogacy birth thanks to IP Conceptions’ new Secure Baby Program.

The program is much different than the services offered by most other clinics, which typically only allow for one IVF and egg donation cycle, as well as just two embryo transfers. IP Conceptions is working with CEFAM, the largest reproductive medical group in Mexico, to provide this enhanced level of service for prospective parents.

“As we’ve worked with intended parents, we recognized a significant need to add certainty to the international surrogacy process,” said Catherine Moscarello, CEO of IP Conceptions. “We are very pleased to partner with CEFAM to provide this outstanding program to give couples as many attempts as needed for a successful live birth.”

The Secure Baby Program includes just one fixed-rate fee and gives hopeful parents an added level of assurance and peace of mind as they embark on their journey toward having a child of their own. The entire program costs just $100,000, which is less than what most U.S.-based agencies quote for a standard surrogacy program — without the flexibility and guarantee.

IP Conceptions, based in the United States, coordinates surrogacy journeys for American citizens who wish to explore their options in Mexico, an effective and less expensive alternative for people who wish to grow their families through surrogacy. The company is working exclusively with CEFAM to provide this new opportunity to intended parents in the U.S.

CEFAM is made up of a respected group of specialists following the latest global procedures and using the best technologies in human reproduction. They understand the challenges and concerns of intended parents who wish to expand their families through surrogacy, offering an efficient process that considers the core needs of intended parents and is always focused on comprehensive and quality care.

“When intended parents are unable to have a baby on their own, it can be extremely difficult and emotionally taxing,” said Moscarello. “After all they have been through, they need a surrogacy process that meets their needs and reduces their stress and anxiety. With the Secure Baby Program, we have developed that solution.”

To learn more about IP Conceptions and the Secure Baby Program, visit http://www.ipconceptions.com.

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IP Conceptions LLC guides intended parents through a surrogacy journey in Mexico by providing them with personal, financially transparent and ethical service, which includes frequent and honest communication, negotiated, exclusive agreements with professional service providers, education and personal interaction in addition to the utilization of specialized technology.

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