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Invitamed Completes Beta testing of New Reduced Packaging

Industry: Diet Supplements

Invitamed completed the beta testing of its new reduced size packaging for the Lifenet Packs. The packaging is 25% smaller in a sustainability effort.

North America (PRUnderground) March 17th, 2014

Invitamed ( announced today the Final round of Beta testing on the standard product packaging has concluded. The new packaging and fulfilment system will allow the Lifenet Packs to fit in a container that is 25% smaller. The smaller size will have several direct benefits including a reduction in shipment cost, and possibly transit times. In addition the reduction in materials will have a direct impact on maintaining the quality of the total product. The packaging will be all one color simplifying the production system to create the packaging and reducing the number of inputs to create the final product. All this leads to a more sustainable product that incorporates the process improvement necessary to improve quality through reduced variances.

The new packaging may not look like a big step forward but it is a significant improvement, and shows our commitment to sustainability and process improvement as an organization. The new packaging will roll out to the products immediately and should reach the market in the coming weeks.

The new packaging will fit in perfectly with values of the company. Our focus is on simple solutions that everyone can easily implement to increase their level of health and wellness. This is why we created the Lifenet Packs, and later the Life Net Liquid, and now the premiere greens product in the market- Lifenet Powder. We will work to implement the new packaging across all these products as soon as possible.

The detailed information about the Lifenet packs can be seen ont he main website The website will be adding the packaging information as soon as it is available. These are all natural products that offer a superior supplement to any others on the market today. The Lifenet Pack s and Powder will operate as a nutritional safety net. The incredibly dense concentration of phyto nutrients and antioxidants sets the Life Net Pack Powder apart from anything else seen on the market. ( )

Invitamed is a leading health and wellness company focused on improving the lives of Americans through simple and effective supplementation. Visit our site for more information

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