Introducing “While The Men Watch”: A New Sports Talk Show From A Woman’s Perspective

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Sex and The City Meets ESPN. WhileTheMenWatch is the first sports talk show of its kind where girl talk is truly a sport.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) April 1st, 2011

WhileTheMenWatch is the first sports talk show of its kind where girl talk is truly a sport.  WhileTheMenWatch covers major sports games throughout the year, offering live, irreverent commentary and hysterical play by play– making watching sports for women everywhere not only tolerable, but utterly entertaining.

Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso, two highly successful career women married to  sports-addicted husbands, were tired of sitting on the sidelines while their men watched countless hours of sports.  As best friends who talk on the phone everyday, they found themselves chatting one afternoon, bored while their husbands watched NFL football.  They organically started doing their own female-friendly version of sports commentary that made them laugh, so they decided to share it with all the girls out there stuck watching sports with their men.  When even their husbands started laughing, they had the “A Ha” moment that “this could be a show” and While The Men Watch was born.

“Just think of it as ‘Sex and The City meets ESPN’, a first of its kind sports talk show from a woman’s point of view,” said Lena Sutherland.  “Our comments are unabashed, sexy and, we hope, make watching sports not only tolerable for women but also fun.”

And fun it is.  The ladies dish on everything from how good the athletes look in their uniforms to which coaches are in dire need of makeovers all while trying to figure out the rules of the game.  During the broadcast, hundreds of women interact in the “WhileTheMenWatch” chat room and stay engaged via Twitter and Facebook.

The show has become an overnight sensation and its first “official” broadcast during this year’s Super Bowl attracted over 2000 listeners.  It helps that the founders look like supermodels and that one of them even has an Emmy under her belt.  These women have spun an amazing business by turning boredom into an opportunity.  Upcoming coverage includes NHL hockey, baseball and March Madness.  Tune in to the next broadcast of “WhileTheMenWatch” on April 1st for the Mets vs. Marlins opener.  Just go to for more details and schedule of upcoming shows.



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