Indoor Skydiving Overtakes The Real Thing In The Popularity Stakes!

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Doing a skydive takes courage and a lot of money, which explains why the new phenomenon of indoor sky diving is becoming more popular than traditional skydiving.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) January 24th, 2011

Traditionally, skydiving was the reserve of serious daredevils with a lot of money. Even if the jump was done for charity, throwing yourself out of aeroplane with a parachute costs a whole lot of money. The recent introduction of indoor sky diving to the UK, means anyone can experience free falling without breaking the bank.

There are currently two indoor sky diving centres in the UK offering guests all the sensations of skydiving, but inside. The one big advantage of indoor skydiving is that weather definitely doesn’t affect the activity, as it all takes place in an indoor vertical wind tunnel.

Darren Dray, activities manager at Into the Blue explained: “Combine all-weather availability with the lower cost and it’s little wonder indoor skydiving is overtaking traditional tandem freefall and static line parachuting in popularity. Anyone over the age of four who is in good health can go indoor sky diving, making it one of the most thrilling family outings we offer.”

A session in the wind tunnel lasts one minute. Although this may not sound a lot, on a parachute jump from 12500ft, you can only expect a maximum of 40 seconds of freefall, so going indoor sky diving gives you a full minute of free falling fun.

And for those wondering about the sensations of this indoor version of free falling, rest assured they are the same. The tunnel creates wind speeds of up to 110mph and dressed in a special flying suit, indoors skydivers experience the same affects of free falling as traditional skydivers – right down to the facial distortions due to the wind pressure!

A variety of indoor skydiving experiences are available online from, including a special family indoor skydiving voucher, an extended flight giving them two minutes in the air or the standard one minute flights. Prices start at £49 for one person for the standard indoor skydiving voucher.

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Into the Blue offers both indoor skydiving and traditional skydiving. Indoor skydiving takes place at the AirKix centres in Milton Keynes and Manchester. A full safety briefing is given in advance before heading into the wind tunnel, but no formal training is necessary and as long as you in good general health and over the age of four you should be able to indoor skydive.

About Into the Blue:
Into the Blue is a specialist experience activity gift voucher company that started life in 1996 as an off-shoot of Air Displays International Ltd (operator of the world-renowned Biggin Hill Air Fair), offering flying activities and lessons.

Since then, the company has added a whole range of different activities to the portfolio of activity gift voucher experiences, which now totals in excess of 600. All experiences are available to buy directly from or by calling 01959 578100.

The company continues to evolve the range and believes that there is a perfect experience suitable for every individual and for every occasion.


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