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In Celebration of International Yoga Day, Wai Lana announces a 2 Week Yoga Challenge

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Yoga Icon Wai Lana is inviting everyone to feel better physically, mentally and spiritually by taking the yoga challenge.There are many prizes to be won by the winners.

California, United States (PRUnderground) June 12th, 2015

In celebration of the world’s first annual International Yoga Day, established by the United Nations, Wai Lana, world-renowned yoga teacher and host of the long-running public television series, Wai Lana Yoga, is inviting everyone to feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually by taking a yoga challenge. And she is offering prizes to those who stick with it for 2 weeks straight.

Wai Lana says, “Yoga can transform your life and I want to show people how easy it is to begin. Starting with just 10 minutes a day, there are several yoga practices that will help you feel better, become healthier, more peaceful, and less stressed. When we make these practices an integral part of our lives, every aspect of our existence comes together in harmony, surcharged with deep meaning and purpose.”

The five challenges Wai Lana has set up on her website, wailana.com/yoga/yogaday, have something for everyone—asanas (the poses), relaxation, meditation, yoga diet, and the yoga practice of silence (mauna). The asanas build strength, ease stiffness, increase flexibility, and improve our internal health. Yoga relaxation offers the deep, healing rest we all need but most of us rarely get.  A vegetarian yoga diet is a healthful, compassionate, and environmentally sound way of nourishing the body. Yoga silence gives us a chance to become more introspective. and yoga meditation nourishes the soul.

Wai Lana has made it easy to practice these challenges with video and audio links to asanas, relaxation, and meditation techniques. There are also links to delicious recipes for the yoga diet challenge. For those who practice faithfully for two weeks, Wai Lana is offering free downloads of her music, relaxation, and meditation techniques—even a cookbook.

It is Wai Lana’s sincere hope that on the occasion of International Yoga Day, these challenges will motivate people to add at least one aspect of yoga to their lives—and reap the many rewards yoga has to offer.

Visit wailana.com for complete information about Wai Lana’s Yoga Challenges.

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