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Improved Funky Rugs photography brings designer rugs to life

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Funky Rugs, the UK's leading online retailer of designer rugs, is now offering more and improved online photographs.

UK (PRUnderground) March 23rd, 2012

Funky Rugs, the UK’s leading online retailer of designer rugs, is now offering more and improved online photographs. The photographs will give rug buyers an even better idea of what its finished rugs look like.

In the online rugs marketplace, rug buyers make decisions based largely on photography. That’s why Funky Rugs, whose rug collections can be viewed at, has ensured that its online photographs are every bit as inspirational as its designer rugs.

“We’ve found that taking four or five shots for every rug really sets us apart from the competition,” says Lee Darlington, Managing Director at Funky Rugs. “This way, our online customers get to make an informed choice about rug design before they buy. As well as the colour of the rugs, we like to give customers a better idea of the thickness of our rugs. That’s why we do close-ups and hand shots.”

The four main shots of each designer rug –front view, close-up, close-up side rug and hand shot – give online rug buyers the best possible two-dimensional impression of how the rugs will look. But taking shots from a variety of angles is only half the battle. That’s why Funky Rugs has employed a skilled photographer – one with the ability to capture the sublime texture and supreme quality of these rug collections.

Funky Rugs recently demonstrated the effectiveness of this new approach to photography on a couple of photo shoots in Holland and Belgium. Some stunning camerawork showcases over 200 rugs from the new Brink & Campman rug collection and more than 100 rugs from the Angelo collection.

“Designers such as Brink & Campman and Angelo are artists,” Lee Darlington adds. “They’re creating rugs for connoisseurs in silk and New Zealand wool. No other collections come close in terms of quality, finish and depth of design. It’s imperative that our online presentation does justice to the brilliance of these rug designers.”

To see just how comprehensive and artistic the new Funky Rugs photography is, visit or call +44 (0)845 838 7816 to speak with a member of our team.

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