How One Wine Bottle Opener Started The Booming Family Business of Couél

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Couél’s 4 In 1 Wine Opener Offers A Wine Accessory Multi Tool

Palouse, Washington (PRUnderground) December 9th, 2014

Couél, a small family owned business formed in early 2014 are already making waves in the wine accessories industry with their first product, a 4 in 1 wine opener, a product that offers functionality with a spritzer of fun.

“There’s just that extra touch of fun when you use our opener,” says Co-Founder Jamie Presol. “Yep,” agrees her Co-Founder and husband, Grant. “We love all things wine, and we wanted to do something to bring wine lovers together!”

The Presol’s found their outlet to sell their products using Amazon, turning a local business into a nationwide business almost overnight.

“As soon as we saw the sales coming in from Amazon, we knew we were on to something”. says Grant Presol.

With plans to expand into other wine accessories the couple has a strategy to “stay fresh” on the accessories scene.

“Drink wine with as many different people as possible!” laughs Jamie.

Twine-stopper-and-the-pour-spout2.jpghere’s a certain warm light-hearted feeling you get when speaking with the couple, and you can clearly see they enjoy their business. By listening to their friends, family and complete strangers Jamie and Grant are able to brainstorm ideas for the next “it” thing.

“Seriously, what better way to think of the next product, or how to improve existing products by simply opening a bottle of wine with someone.” Concludes Grant

It’s plain to see this company is unconventional in their methods to competing in the wine industry, and it’s proving to be successful. Sales have been higher than expected, and the beginning of the holiday season is turning out to be more of a learning curve than they expected.

“We had no idea how many people would want to buy our opener. It’s clear now, we need to rethink our inventory strategies.” Jamie says with a grin.

About Couél

Couél is a small, family-owned business that celebrates all things wine, from sharing a bottle with friends and family to trying out fun new wine accessories. Located in Washington State, nearby to the home of the famous Walla Walla wine, the company sells wine accessories that are functional, yet fun.

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