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Improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your energy bills by as much as 50%-80% and shape the world we live in and our children will inhabit.

Portugal (PRUnderground) October 16th, 2013

Our homes consume a prodigious amount of energy. America’s buildings consume more than 70% of the electricity and around 35% of the natural gas used in the USA.

According to the EIA, the average household spending on gas and electricity is more than $2.000 per year, that is, more than $100.000 over 50 years; or up to twice this amount in larger homes, in cold climates.

But, as we mention in the homepage of House Energy, it doesn’t have to be so; home energy bills can be cut by as much as 50%-80%, especially in new construction.

Buying or building a new home or doing a major renovation, is a great opportunity from an energy efficiency and environmental standpoint. In other words: it’s important for the homeowner, because of the huge energy savings that it can provide; but it’s also a way of shaping the world our children will inherit: residential energy efficiency is also a powerful tool for creating a better environment and a better world.

Home energy efficiency is mostly an issue of information and behavioral changes. It doesn’t mean privation or less comfort. And it’s this message and the ways of putting it in practice that we present in our website.

Take a look at the huge amount of information we have amassed and organized in a practical and simple way, for all homeowners.

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