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Your comfort or the energy efficiency of your home is more dependent on its insulation than on photovoltaic solar systems or any other green technology.

Portugal (PRUnderground) October 27th, 2013

According to an ongoing House-Energy campaign, insulation doesn’t inspire as much enthusiasm as solar photovoltaic and other high tech solutions, but home insulation is more important for energy efficiency and the environment than anything else. And the reason is simple and comes from a very basic principle: it’s much easier and less expensive to save energy than to produce it, whatever its source (what the organization calls the Energy Efficiency Golden Rule).

In other words: energy conservation is more cost-effective than energy generation; and very high levels of insulation can generate huge energy savings. Hence House-Energy’s campaign message: Install the maximum amount of insulation possible all over your home’s shell.

Still according to the House-energy organization, the minimum insulation requirements of building codes fall short of the best, and insulation should target the attic but also the walls and the floors of the house.

In cold climates, wall insulation is at least as important as attic insulation and US R-values of 30-40 (Metric system: R5 to R7) for cold climates (and about R-20 for other climates; Metric: R-3.5) are recommended.

The same is applicable for floors: millions of homes lack adequate under floor insulation. You may save hundreds of dollars every year, by insulating your floors. Many homeowners and builders do not recognize the importance of floor insulation for energy efficiency, and they end up with homes that are expensive to heat and cool.


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