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"Great Gut" is an effective horse probiotic that keeps your horse healthy with natural organic acids and 1 billion CFU’s per serving of Great Gut Equine Probiotic.

Wellington, Florida (PRUnderground) November 2nd, 2015

The team at LV Performance takes their motto “Horses are our Passion” to a new level with this latest launch pad,, ensuring that the horse community now thrives on quality probiotics specifically for equestrians.

With President and Vice-President, Michael Mueger and Anabella Mueger respectively, acknowledging that a healthy and happy horse tends to reflect the same kind of positive energy in its attitude and performance, the Great-Gut Equine specific probiotic is designed to facilitate farm, horse owners and veterinarians in providing the best-formulated products to their horses.

And how would one know exactly that they can rely on Great-Gut?

There aren’t many horse probiotic supplements available that can claim to not require refrigeration and that are offered additionally in a liquid form for greater results. These features are characteristic of Great Gut and therefore its commitment to help your horse as it successfully reaches the gut in a live and feasible state.

It doesn’t matter what category your horse falls in, whether it is for pleasure, breeding, or performance, the product will make its current feed immediately more valuable by enhancing its digestive process and aiding the absorption of all essential nutrients from the diet.

For an edge, the product is guaranteed to keep the horse from any stress it might have experienced otherwise from training and competition, hay fluctuations or diet changes, to transport, disease, or hospitalization/surgery. Temperature extremes and antibiotic shots are not less than culprits either in this case.

probiotics-for-horses.jpgThese are but some examples of circumstances, which can upset your horse and therefore its digestion by killing the ‘good bacteria’ (responsible for breaking fiber and generating fatty acids and energy) in its intestinal tract. If the horse’s feed includes probiotic supplements then this number of good bacteria can be maintained.

Instead of trying to combine a number of products to make up for the relevant nutrition, Great-Gut Equine Probiotic proves beneficial because of the natural organic acids included in the content. This enhances the entire process of digestion since organic acids reduce the population of harmful bacteria living in your horse’s gut.

Also, given the increasing rate of abnormal weight loss and condition, of compromised appetite, loose manure, and irritable behavior, it goes unstated that the modern diet is far from ideal. Factor in its age for good measure and there is ample reason why one must consider adding probiotic product to the feed.

A daily dose of 2 oz. serving, Great-Gut includes more than a billion CFU’s, which is considerably more than other products. Moreover, 2 of the 4 strains of bacteria are specifically equine probiotics for a balanced diet, with each of its batch tested before being made available, to improve general appearance, health, temperament, and performance.

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