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Hope for Post-War Children in Northern Uganda Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Offer Aid

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Campaign is raising awareness and funds for the children in Northern Uganda who are still impacted by the LRA/UPDF war

LEOMINSTER, MASSACHUSETTS (PRUnderground) February 19th, 2016

While the fighting ended in 2006, children in Northern Uganda are still highly affected by the two-decade LRA/UPDF war. Not only did the war leave an impoverished generation behind, but the current Universal Primary and Secondary Education regulations leave loopholes that allow hidden costs for books, uniforms, and other expenses that bar children from attending school.

One organization is reaching out to impoverished children in Northern Uganda by raising awareness and funds. Hope for Post-War Children in Northern Uganda works to spread the word about the reality of the children still affected by what has been called the “worst forgotten humanitarian crisis on earth” (Jan Egeland). With the launch of their Generosity by IndieGoGo campaign, Hope for Post-War Children in Northern Uganda is raising funds for school supplies, fees, enrollments, and scholarships for Acholi and other children in the region affected by the war.

Carol Jamieson, organizer of the campaign, is an American citizen, mother of 4, and grandmother of 9. She learned about the 24,000+ abducted children in Northern Uganda who were taken for child soldiers during the LRA/UPDF war several years ago, and that almost half had never been found.

According to Jamieson, “I learned this by watching a documentary…called WAR DANCE. It was the most heart-breaking true story that I had ever seen and I remember, when it was over, dropping to my knees in prayers and tears and pleading with God to help these children. I also pleaded with Him to show me a way that I could help them if it was possible. Well, He heard my prayers and He has answered them with a resounding YES, YOU CAN HELP THEM!”

Then, she met Charles Oscar Akena, whose poetry was published in a local newspaper. He was an Acholi from Uganda, and he’d lived through the war. He told her of the unfairness towards the children and how their lives were interrupted, and he explained to her that even getting an education was a challenge for them.

The Hope for Post-War Children in Northern Uganda fundraiser is a joint mission between Jamieson and Akena.

On the campaign’s page, visitors can read about the children and the hardships they’ve faced over the years, as well as the struggles they face today. Jamieson has posted the original documentary that started it all for her, “War Dance”, at the end of the page. The video shows the true stories of three abducted children.

More information can be found at https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/hope-for-post-war-children-in-northern-uganda.

About Hope for Post-War Children in Northern Uganda

Hope for Post-War Children in Northern Uganda seeks to raise international awareness for the youth in Uganda still suffering from the effects of atrocities committed during the LRA/UPDF war while raising funds and offering scholarships to assist children in Northern Uganda attend school.

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