Holy Macaroni! The Pasta Family Children’s Books Series Gives A Healthy Serving Of Fun, Adventure, And The Best Of Italian-American Flavor

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Fun, Relatable Stories Feature Cast of Walking, Talking Pasta Characters and Real Jersey Family Values

United States (PRUnderground) September 25th, 2011

Just in time to celebrate Italian American Heritage month this October, a young super-heroine prepares to save the day from the most threatening menace to ever reach the earth in THE PASTA FAMILY: HERE COMES GRAVY GIRL!, the seventh installment in the fun, charming, illustrated family book series.

Imparting simple life lessons and morals with humor, charm, adventure and characters based on nearly every imaginable type of pasta and familiar Italian cuisine, THE PASTA FAMILY series of books follows the continuing adventures of a little girl’s life, dreams, family, friendship and triumphs.

Inspired by the roots of a rich and authentic Italian American upbringing, Marguerite Ciccolini created the first book and namesake of the series – THE PASTA FAMILY – about Annaleenie, a young girl who feels neglected by her family of walking, talking pastas. When Mommy Pastina, Daddy RigaTony and her older sister and brother, Penne and Richie-Olee, are running around preparing for ‘big kid’ activities, little Annaleenie feels all alone, even with the companionship of her loyal dog Farfalee. Soon however, she learns the true meaning of love and forgiveness.

THE PASTA FAMILY series of books each offer a fun, relatable story of a young girl’s adventures, discoveries and new-found sense of family. Each tale returns to the tight-knit love (as well as spaghetti and meatballs) found in the Pasta Family home. Family values have never been more fun – or so yummy.

A life-long New Jersey resident, Marguerite Ciccolini, a mother of five and grandmother of two, embodies the genuine Italian East Coast Italian American. Like many Italian families, the Ciccolini family centered around Marguerite and the kitchen table – where she could always be found making pasta, sauces and accompanying dishes encouraging family and friends to ‘mangia.’

Since the passing of Marguerite earlier this year, her son Michael continues THE PASTA FAMILY adventures in her memory. Each story has the home-made touch of an Italian-American Sunday dinner and brings a new experience to illustrated storytelling. Available at www.thepastafamily.com and Amazon.com, priced between $12.95 and $18.95.

Following the first in the series, Annaleenie’s adventures – and lessons learned – continue:

The Pasta Family 2: First Day of School! – It’s little Annaleenie’s first day of school – and she’s determined to make her first-ever friend in classmate Lynn Gweenie! Will villainous Verma Chelly stand in her way? Not if The Pasta Family sticks together!

The Pasta Family 3: Play Ball!!! – When little Annaleenie joins the all-boys baseball team, she’s in for a heaping bowlful of life lessons, new experiences, and fun! She’ll need her Pasta Family more than ever – especially for her first big game!

The Pasta Family 4: Showtime!!! – There’s no business like…you know what! When little Annaleenie lands the lead in her school play, she joins a new world of fun, friendship, frenemies and forgiveness! Will sudden stardom go to her head? Will she ever be able to talk to her first big crush, Tony Spumoni? And what’s the deal with the mysterious new kid at school?

The Pasta Family 5: Macaroni In Space!!! – A short time ago in a galaxy very, very close to this one…. the Pasta Family goes cosmic! When little Annaleenie tries to save her family’s Sunday dinner with store-bought sauce, she goes where no Macaroni has gone before — into an outer space adventure of fun, action, spaceships, jet-boots and giant, menacing meatball monsters. Will Annaleenie be able to stop the world-destroying plan of space villain Verma Chelly? Will she face her fears to save the galaxy? Will she learn the value of the friendship of her loyal crew before it’s too late?

The Pasta Family 6: Mission: Macaroni!!! – Her name is Leenie…Annaleenie! By day, a normal schoolgirl. But in her daydreams, the world’s greatest secret agent and superspy! When she gets her biggest assignment yet, she’ll learn how the teeniest, tiniest fib can threaten the whole wide world…and her Mommy’s top-secret spaghetti sauce! Will Annaleenie save the world from arch-villain Verma Chelly’s most evil plan, ever? Will she learn the value of always telling the truth, no matter what? Will she be able to escape the clutches of a giant Macaroni-Mega-Robot before it’s too late?

The Pasta Family 7: Here Comes… Gravy Girl! – With great power comes great re-pasta-ability! With awesome super-duper powers and even awesome-er attitude, superheroine Gravy Girl has the admiration and respect of the whole, wide world. But what happens when those super-duper powers are gone? When she’s just plain ol’ Annaleenie, a little schoolgirl with big hopes and dreams — and a new baby brother on the way? And how will plain ol’ Annaleenie stop – the most seriously threatening menace to ever reach the earth? Find out how – and find out what a hero really is – in this latest and most powerful adventure of the First Family Of Macaroni – The Pasta Family!!!

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