Historic Record Inspires New Bungee Jumpers

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On 26 September 2010, James Field shattered the old world record of 19 jumps in one hour, set in South Africa in 2003, when he jumped off a 160-foot crane 42 times.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) October 22nd, 2010

Extreme Element, Guinness World Records and the UK Bungee Club teamed up to help James make history. His goal was not just to break the old record but to set a new one that would be really hard to beat. That is exactly what he did.

James says the performance of the exceptional ground crew with the smooth rope changes and the excellent crane driver, Bennison, allowed him to really go for it and set such an incredible record. He said that, although after about 15 jumps he was feeling a little nauseous, he got over it and was in a steady rhythm by the end. The job of Scott Mathers, the Jump Master, was to be in the cage and make sure James was all right before each jump. James told Scott that he would tell him if he wasn’t ok and otherwise he should just keep throwing him out. James says the record will be pretty hard to beat because of the awesome crew’s help.

This Christmas, you can give someone the thrilling experience of bungee jumping. The professional staff at Extreme Element are not only equipped and prepared to set world records, but also to handle beginners. They are extremely precise in using the perfect cords for each jumper’s weight. They are meticulous in using the right equipment and procedures to guarantee safety and are also prepared to help calm the nerves of first-time jumpers. Extreme Element also offers many other Christmas gift ideas such as skydiving, wind surfing and rock climbing. For those who love cars and speed, they offer 4×4 driving, motorbikes, track driving, rally driving and many other driving experience days.

James Field’s historic 42 jumps have caught the attention of the world. He is inspiring those who have always wanted to experience the thrill of bungee jumping but have hesitated due to fear. Many prospective jumpers are thinking that, if he can do it 42 times in an hour, they ought to try it at least once. This Christmas is the perfect time to give them that extra push.


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