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My name is Adam Howell and I am a dream chaser! Join my team and I in 2016 as we launch 5 legit startups while providing step by step follow- alongs for the world to see

Canada (PRUnderground) February 2nd, 2016

Alpha Male Blueprint, the all-new Men’s lifestyle brand officially launched on Feb 1st, 2016. Their mission is to transform men all over the world into successful alpha males; to live to their fullest potential. All men have the potential and desire for greatness, but there are often pieces missing, and the reality of their lives falls short. AlphaMaleBlueprint will provide proven techniques to master the three key areas of life: attracting women, making money, and building muscle. Dedicated followers of the brand will form a unique community  of empowered men building a dream lifestyle that is authentic, genuine, and congruent.

A Social Movement: AlphaMaleBlueprint will be more than just a brand, it will be a social movement for good. Recognizing the need for strong male role models in today’s society, AlphaMaleBlueprint seeks to fill that gap and promote male qualities of honor, strength, respect, courage, passion, self-discipline, leadership, and willpower.

About the CEO: Mr Adam Howell moved from home to home as a foster child. He overcame countless hardships and earned a well-paying job on the oilfield, but described his life as unfulfilling. At the age of 30, he made the decision to leave everything behind and create the life of his dreams by mastering his finances, relationships with women, and his physique. More information can be found here www.alphamaleblueprint.com/about-us/

Without any online business experience, Adam moved to Poland with 30K debt and 16K in cash and entered into business with a one-armed man. After 3 months, he created his first affiliate product and went on to make one-million dollars. Having only ever traveled once outside of his homeland Canada, he has now lived in 13 different countries, created over 50 online products, skydived in Belgium, performed stand-up comedy in Montreal, worked with the world’s best pickup artists and dated a formula-one model from Budapest.

Adam’s personal transformation took place within three years; the success principles he learned make up the foundation and teaching methods for the Alpha Male Blueprint. The brand will reflect the belief that: “Becoming the best version of you is the best thing you can do for everyone in your life.”

Alpha Male Blueprint’s mission to inspire millions is in full-effect with a top-class social media team attracting over 35K followers on social media pre-launch. In addition, an all-Japanese version of Alpha Male Blueprint will launch simultaneously to engage the un-tapped audience of Japanese men. http://www.alphamaleblueprint.jp/

For exclusive interviews and comments from Adam Howell, hi-res images and logos all journalists and news media personnel are invited to connect at: info@alphamaleblueprint.com

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