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Ireland (PRUnderground) December 9th, 2013

Check out Hidden Hearing reviews in video and even in poetry form from clients who have experienced a pronounced improvement in their hearing thanks to Hidden Hearing’s invisible hearing aids. Keith Ross in our Bray branch received the poem below from a customer and we thought we would share it with you.

Deafened by a Hearing Aid

“Speak up a bit, what did you say? Put the cat in the bin?
Please repeat…in a gentle way…” “Let my dear cat IN!”

Some voices are hard to hear; the word I have to guess –
If people spoke more clearly and mumble a little less.
‘You are DEAF’ ‘I am NOT; it’s you that is to blame’
(But, when I meet a stranger, I do not catch their name…)
Family grouse and grunt when they have to repeat and repeat
‘Mother you’re as deaf as a post, you can’t hear what we speak..’

Timidly, to Hidden Hearing, the test completely FREE;
Keith Ross, an expert, put hearing trials at me.
The silly woman spoke too low on the microphone –
Neither ear could catch her words; my heart gave out a moan..

“Am I hard of hearing? Do I really need an aid?”
“Yes” said Keith. “Yes” said my son; “You failed the test just made.”

Reluctantly, I gave in, Hearing aids on the way…
Astonished and dismayed how much I had to pay
for a tiny gadget that slips behind the ear –
Suddenly there’s sounds around that I can suddenly HEAR!

My feet upon the pebbles, a knife upon a plate,
Cutting crispy toast – so loud, in me does grate.
The noise of running water, clatter of a running loo
Are deafening to my ears as are certain voices too.
I now hear my breathing, especially when I sigh;
And when children screech, I want to run away and cry.

Yes! I need Hearing Aids to hear people around…
How long will it take it get used to this new sound?
They used to be so bulky in the days of my Mum…
It is quite amazing how neat they have become –

Deafened by a Hearing Aid? The din of a dropping pin…
Yes, now I’d let the dear cat IN instead of in the BIN!!!

Written by Helen Wheeler
September 2013

(Keith Ross is the Audiologist at Hidden Hearing in Bray, see our national clinic list for more details)

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About Hidden Hearing

Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s premier professional provider of hearing healthcare in the private sector with a national network of over sixty five branches and clinics.

Over the past 25 years across Ireland we have worked hard to develop a reputation for offering world-class hearing healthcare services and lifelong support for our patients. Hidden Hearing is the only hearing healthcare provider to offer customers a lifetime of free batteries, a 90 day money back guarantee and free six monthly check up for the life of the hearing aid. In addition, we take great pride in our modern testing facilities, staffed by highly qualified audiologists, who treat every patient as if they were our first. We are committed to improving hearing healthcare services in Ireland and we provide a national hearing screening service, conducting over 30,000 free hearing tests each year. Hidden Hearing, we listen, you hear.

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