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Hidden Hearing Reviews – What Customers Have To Say

Industry: Healthcare

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Read these Hidden Hearing reviews to see what our customers are saying about us

Ireland (PRUnderground) November 13th, 2013

A visit or a call to Hidden Hearing, Ireland’s premier hearing healthcare provider, can change your life in the most positive way. Read for yourself Hidden Hearing reviews from people who experienced a pronounced improvement in their hearing thanks to the excellent product range and customer service that Hidden Hearing offer nationwide. For over 25 years, we have been providing professional, knowledgeable and quality hearing aid systems to thousands of customers in Ireland. Keep reading to learn what our customers have to say in our Hidden Hearing reviews:

“Losing your hearing at the age of 36 is a pretty fearful experience in itself. Those fears were quickly put to rest the second I stepped foot into the Hidden Hearing office in Artane. The team at Hidden Hearing Artane are amazingly friendly, open and helpful. When I was first told I had to wear hearing aids, I was devastated. My audiologist took the time to inform and reassure me that there were many solutions to my level of hearing loss. Knowing that I feared having to wear hearing aids, he showed me these miniature hearing aids that would sit on top of my ear with a wire that enters the ear.  The irony is that four months on, I find that I tell people I wear hearing aids (despite the fact they can’t see them) because I’m not ashamed of the fact that I wear them. That in itself is a huge transformation for me – and one that my audiologist helped me to undergo.

My advice to anyone suspecting they have hearing loss is to get it checked out – sooner rather than later. I really don’t understand why I didn’t get a hearing test sooner, considering I go for eye tests at least once a year. I highly recommend Hidden Hearing Artane – a friendly, supportive and knowledgeable team. From my initial consultation to the ongoing service and support that they provide, they continue to exceed my expectations. Thank you.” Fiona McLoughlin, Dublin

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Hidden Hearing offers free one-to one hearing tests with qualified audiologists nationwide; to arrange for a free hearing test or view Hidden Hearing’s reviews in full please visit our website: hiddenhearing.ie

About Hidden Hearing

Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s premier professional provider of hearing healthcare in the private sector with a national network of over sixty five branches and clinics.

Over the past 25 years across Ireland we have worked hard to develop a reputation for offering world-class hearing healthcare services and lifelong support for our patients. Hidden Hearing is the only hearing healthcare provider to offer customers a lifetime of free batteries, a 90 day money back guarantee and free six monthly check up for the life of the hearing aid. In addition, we take great pride in our modern testing facilities, staffed by highly qualified audiologists, who treat every patient as if they were our first. We are committed to improving hearing healthcare services in Ireland and we provide a national hearing screening service, conducting over 30,000 free hearing tests each year. Hidden Hearing, we listen, you hear.

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