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HeyAgatha.com says stop the body hater madness and embrace your lumpy cellulite butt

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When you hate on your body, your body hates you back. Learn how to stop the madness from blogger and former body hater Agatha Kulesza.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) February 25th, 2013

According to a poll conducted by Glamour magazine, 97% of women have at least one “I hate my body” moment every single day.

Even further, most of the women surveyed confessed to Glamour that they have 35, 50, or even 100 totally hateful thoughts about their body each day of their lives.

Agatha Kulesza, a blogger and professional speaker on self image, wants to stop the body hater madness.

A former body hater, Agatha has found that it’s near impossible to get your body to do what you want and look the way you want when you spew hatred at it everyday.

So she called in her favorite chiropractor and weight loss wizard, Dr. Julie Foster, to help shed light on this topic. Dr. Foster has lost 110 pounds all on her own and gives 2 easy tips on how we can all start accepting our bodies.

These tips are revealed on Kulesza’s online TV show at HeyAgatha.com.

By singing a cheesy rap song and bravely showing a non-retouched photo of her own cellulite butt, women have responded with a resounding YES to stopping the body hater madness:

  • “Love love love this! And your rap is spot on! (of course now it’s on a permanent loop in my brain)” –Joy
  • “I have a life long history of hating my body. I never try the clothes on when I’m shopping, I can’t deal with 360 mirrors in the fitting rooms. My body hates me back, because every time I look at myself I get so depressed that my only remedy is to reach for some cake or chocolate. So there you go it’s a vicious cycle. Your piece is very important it made me stop and rethink the whole body image deal. I love Dr.Julie and her approach to dieting. Thank you girls.” –Celina
  • “I really liked your video! I’m going to look in that mirror and begin to love my body and start off 20%. High expectations are my down fall. Thanks.” –Margie

To view the full episode and find out how to embrace your own perfectly imperfect body CLICK HERE.

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