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Helping your managers build and run exceptional teams just got easier with PRP – Andrew Heath

Industry: Human Resources

Performance Review Pro works at the interface between human behavior, the workplace and online software.

Global (PRUnderground) May 12th, 2014

Whether you want to create personal development plans that get right to the heart of people’s problems, or simply to understand what makes your team tick, you need a clear, concise view of the hidden problems in your team.

Performance Review Pro works at the interface between human behavior, the workplace and online software. This innovative product makes it clear why people behave the way they do at work, and creates easy-to-understand charts and actions for managers to help them work better.

“The aim of the product is simple. To give managers a clear picture of what is blocking their teams from performing to their best. Then provide clear actions that will remove these roadblocks so the team can communicate and work together more effectively.

We are so excited by the latest version as it now enables any business to get this vital information directly onto the iPads and desktops of their managers. For any business this is gold dust – opening up the real DNA of their teams and showing what needs fixing to unlock their full potential.”

Andrew Heath, co-founder

The new version released last week (8.1) contains many improvements based on feedback and requests, including:

Dynamic questionnaires. The online survey now intelligently asks deeper questions in areas where there are problems that need to be explored. With tens of thousands of possible question combinations the focus is 100% on where improvements can be made. The new survey sharpens the relevance of the questions for staff while reducing the time it takes to complete by around 60%.

Report sharing. The instant a survey is closed the project administrator – typically the HR or talent manager – can invite managers to view reports for their specific teams. This enables managers to start working with the outputs of the survey immediately with zero for the data to be processed.  This means positive changes can be made right away – in the places where they are needed the most.

There is also a new tutorial video to help managers interpret the reports and extract the maximum value from them.

User experience.  Any product that grows fast can become cluttered as features are added, so this release also included some spring cleaning! Every screen has been streamlined and tidied, removing unnecessary words, adding tooltips throughout and general the user experience easier, clearer and sharper.

So what do customers think Performance Review Pro does for them?

“Performance Review Pro demonstrates to our employees that Pure360 is listening and cares about their opinions in the work place. It will enable our managers to have targeted, meaningful conversations with their direct reports and address the working environment to increase engagement, motivation, productivity and ultimately employee retention.”

Vicky Cohen, Head of Talent Management, Pure360

With the new release live the team are working closely with a number of businesses who are going through paid trials to establish precisely what they can learn about their teams.

“This is a really exciting time for us. After 18 months of hard work we now have the product we dreamt of when we set out on this journey. Our job now is to get it into the hands of managers, because this will really help them and their teams have a better time at work – and deliver better results all round”. 

Piers Bishop, co-founder.

About Performance Review Pro

Lead with clarity and certainty

A short cut for managers to the most effective personal development plans and information that will quickly boost employee motivation, performance and results.

Performance Review Pro reveals the unseen challenges and opportunities in your team.

Cut out stress and lost performance – use it as a day-to-day tool for managers or as the foundation of your personal development plans.

Web-based, no software to buy or install and enhances your existing HR, performance or talent management software & processes.

For happy teams that deliver great results.

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