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Startup company, aqUV, crowdfunding simple and sustainable water purification method for developing nations, disaster relief, home, outdoors, and travel on Kickstarter.

Gainesville, FL, USA (PRUnderground) September 16th, 2015

Every day nearly 2,000 children die from waterborne illnesses due to lack of clean water and proper sanitation. One in nine people lack access to a clean water source, mostly in developing countries.

Three Gainesville entrepreneurs, Daniel Blood, Rob Damitz, and Erica Gonzaga, have identified a solution to this global issue by founding aqUV. Their mission: provide clean drinking water across the globe with simple and sustainable solutions.

aqUV purifiers-cropped.jpgThe aqUV water purification system uses ultraviolet light treatment to kill over 99.99% of bacteria and over 99.9% of viruses in 3 to 5 minutes. aqUV purifiers can be powered entirely by solar energy, eliminating the need for grid power or replacement batteries. The purifiers are also reusable without any replacement parts or expensive filters.

aqUV is now launching a Kickstarter campaign to develop and distribute water purifiers. 

The trio launched their campaign Monday and it runs until October 28. Kickstarter is a popular crowdfunding platform where the internet community can pledge financial support to projects in exchange for “rewards” – incentives to be delivered upon meeting the project funding goals.

aqUV is seeking to raise $50,000 to purchase equipment to manufacture the purifiers. They are offering rewards ranging from the first production run of aqUV purifiers to stickers and t-shirts.

Adding philanthropy to the cause, the founders have also pledged to donate one purifier to someone in need for every three purifiers ordered on Kickstarter. Project backers can also choose to directly donate a purifier to someone in need.

In addition to use in developing countries, aqUV purifiers can be used for disaster relief and preparation. “In any disaster situation, there are three things you need: shelter, food, and water. aqUV purifiers make a great addition to disaster prep kits and can be distributed after in disaster scenarios to provide clean water to victims,” said Damitz who serves as executive officer of aqUV.

Damitz also noted aqUV’s use for outdoor activities and travel, “I am an avid hiker and camper, so we designed our purifiers to be lightweight and convenient. Users can treat over 5 days’ worth of water on a single charge. Our purifiers can help reduce plastic waste and our dependence on bottled water.”

Accessing clean water is a challenge in many regions around the world. aqUV is striving to provide thousands in need around the globe with a reliable and sustainable water purification method. Those interested in supporting the project or finding more information can visit the Kickstarter page at or aqUV’s website

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aqUV develops simple and sustainable solutions to provide clean drinking water to people in need.

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