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Heavy metals test results for seaweeds and sea vegetables published by Natural News Labs

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Popular brands of seaweeds and sea vegetables show wide variability in concentrations of heavy metals

United States (PRUnderground) February 11th, 2014

Continuing its mission to inform and empower consumers with heavy metals transparency for foods and superfoods, Natural News has just published heavy metals laboratory testing results for over 20 seaweed and sea vegetable products sold through popular retailers across the USA.

All results are available at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, which also publishes results for popular protein products, breakfast cereals and more.

As is shown on the lab data results charts, there is a huge difference in concentrations of lead in seaweeds depending on the region from which it is harvested.

For example, New Zealand Wakame turned out to contain zero lead, while a Chinese brand wakame seaweed showed a far higher 0.851 ppm of lead.

As far as mercury goes, the highest level found was in a kelp powder product, but most seaweeds were near zero on mercury concentrations (less than 10 ppb).

Kombu flakes showed the highest arsenic concentrations among seaweeds, and the levels were quite substantial at over 100 ppm.

Copper was relatively low among most products, but one kelp product showed copper at over 80 ppm which is the highest Natural News has ever seen in any product tested so far (across all categories). However, the effects of this are sharply reduced by the high levels of zinc found in the same product because zinc blocks copper absorption.

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