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Halloween is coming: The Anguished Man – Most Haunted Item in the World

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Halloween is coming and it is time for all things scary and horrifying. Here are the five most haunted items in the world you could decorate your house with.

Los Angeles (PRUnderground) October 22nd, 2015

Halloween has traditionally been a time of decorating your house with all things scary, and what would be better than to have some real, haunted items to twist things up a little bit. Fortunately non of these items are actually for sale, so we are all safe; nevertheless the stories behind these items are scary.

Robert the Doll
The evil doll is the inspiration for the infamous “Child’s Play” movies. The doll, resembling an early 20th-century American sailor, is located at the East Martello Museum in Florida. It has been said that the doll, possessed by spirits, moves on its own causing weird things to happen to the people associated with it.

The Dybbuk Box
The case of an old, Jewish wine cabinet is one of the most well-known haunted item stories. The box, bought from a yard sale, is said to be haunted by a “dybbuk”. A dybbuk is a restless spirit believed to be able to haunt and possess the living. The buyer of the box tried to get rid of it by selling it on eBay, leading it to almost killing two students who bought it. The story of the Dybbuk Box was told in the 2012 film, “The Possession”.

Another haunted doll, also featured on the silver screen, in a movie named after the object is “Annabelle”. This creepy looking doll was made famous by self-proclaimed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren inspiring the box office hit “The Conjuring”. The doll has been said to attack people during the night, leaving scratch marks all over their bodies. The doll resides at The Warren’s Occult Museum in Connecticut.

Chair of Death
A criminal, sentenced to his death, spent his last day on earth eating and drinking in an old inn he owned. On the day of his execution he ate his last supper while sitting in his favorite chair. As he was led to the gallows from the inn, he cursed the chair vowing that “anyone who dared to sit in this chair will die a sudden and violent death.” Since then some daring people have tried their luck ending up dead in horrible accidents and violent crimes. Nowadays the chair is nailed onto a wall, so that no-one can sit on it anymore.

The Anguished Man
The most haunted painting in the world is The Anguished Man. The painting was given to an English man called Sean Robinson by his Grandmother. The story says that the artist mixed his own blood into the paint and committed suicide soon after the painting was finished, opening a door or a passageway to the other side. Some paranormal investigators state that the painting is possessed by a demon, while others think that the spirit connected to the painting is the restless soul of the late artist who now haunts Robinson and his family members. The painting was featured on “Weird or What” TV series hosted by William Shatner.

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