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Hales Global DC Calls For World Energy Center & The National Renewable Energy Laboratory Partnership

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Larry Hales, CEO, announces convenient tool that is ideal for the world energy problems. Designed to deliver low-cost energy, to everyone, everywhere.

United States (PRUnderground) January 3rd, 2014

For the U.S. to compete with Germany, China, Brazil and remain the leader in renewable energy, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory should partner with World Energy Center and their cadre of experts.

World Energy Center is changing the way the world produces, uses and stores energy. The development of renewable energy technologies, solar power in particuar, has the long-term potential to deliver low-cost energy, to everyone, everywhere. World Energy Center will be an ideal commercialization partner for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the nation’s leading renewable energy laboratory.

World Energy Center (www.worldenergyusa.com) is a world-class consortium of more than 30 companies, cities, colleges, participants’ partners and affiliates such as: The City of Palmdale, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Inland Energy, Boston Capital, Becnor, Siemens, Clean Energy Trust, AMEC, Distributed Energy Management, Homeboy Industries, BYD, Satcon, University of Notre Dame, University of Southern California, Concentrix Solar, AREVA, GreenWorld Capital, Entech Solar, Sol Focus, Green Path, Walter Power, United Airports, Alstom Power, AECOM, MindHarbor, O’Melvency & Myers and growing. Hales Global has been providing consulting and advisory services to World Energy Center since 2009. The World Energy Center, through its collaboration of many companies and projects, provides the scale, expertise and infrastructures to collectively solve the challenges facing the clean energy industry.

The Center’s comprehensive approach to clean energy ranges from incubating new technologies, to distribution, to the development and construction of large power projects. Its innovative quasi Public-Private partnership brings together the best of the U.S. government’s resources with a fast moving entrepreneurial core to dramatically reduce the cost and improve the reliability of clean energy; accelerate the deployment and commericialization of clean energy; provide an advanced research and industrial incubator for emerging technology companies; advance utility-scale smart-grid technology and storage systems to provide 100% sustainable clean energy; provide low-cost capital through a technology IPO and asset-based REIT; and, create long-term green jobs says World Energy Center CEO, David joseph.

President Obama stated that our country has an addiction to foreign oil that can undermine our economy, stall our military and not only threaten our personnel and bases abroad but is a direct threat to our national security. Energy cost is an economic challenge to ordinary Americans and the disastrous environmental impact will limit our survival on this planet if not scaled back. World Energy Center provides comprehensive “Crade to Grave” partnership and project benefits, including significant synergies and cross-pollination opportunities. Most importantly, the Center provides greatly improved economics and rates of return over stand-alone projects and companies. The Center’s collaborative structure and comprehensive resources provides new and improved options to technology companies, capital partners, manufactures, suppliers, land owners, project developers, utility companies and other power purchasers.

World Energy Center is extremely efficient at Photovoltaic, PV, converting sunlight into electricity and with continued support from our private public partners, price of PV systems will continue to fall and lead to improvements in technology. With support from government, the continued PV innovation can lead to the steady decline in PV costs by 2025 and legislation such as HR 2539, Prioritizing Energy Efficient Renewables Act of 2013 by Rep. Janice Schakowsky introduced June 2013, that provides a tax credit for producing electricity from wind, geothermal and solar energy, hydropower, and marine and hydrokinetic facilities is the type of legislation the Senate Energy Committee Chairman Ron Wyden and Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski should find bipartisan support for that would advance the interest in the industry according to Mr. Reich, President and COO.

Under the Obama Administration, the White House has taken the lead on renewable fuels by President Obama’s pledge that by 2020, America would reduce its greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels; coupled with America’s net oil imports falling to its lowest levels in 20 years, we have become the world’s leading producer of natural gas are all great signs of  things to come for the renewable industry but we cannot become complacent. Renewable energy conscientious Members of Congress such as Rep. McKinley, Senator Markey, Chairman Upton, Senator Shaheen can work together with Mayor Garcetti and other partners to achieve our renewable energy goals.

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