Guaranteed Pregnancy Package including Indian/Nepali Donor for $45,000

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Surrogacy Abroad Inc announces guaranteed pregnancy packages that include Indian and Nepali donors for $45,000. Every package is unique.

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) March 2nd, 2015

Surrogacy Abroad Inc announces guaranteed pregnancy packages that include Indian and Nepali donors for $45,000. Surrogacy Abroad Inc will provide packages that are all inclusive and devoid of any kind of additional charges unless any extra service is asked to be included. Every package is unique unto itself as exclusive packages are formed and negotiated for each of the cases. Surrogacy Abroad Inc provides its wide range of services at one-third of the rates charged in the USA for basic surrogacy.

The first payment occurs during the signing of the surrogacy agreement, covering up to 50% of the cost. The second payment is made during the 12th week of pregnancy and the final payment is made in the 30th week of pregnancy. Thus a wide berth of three instalments is given, over different intervals.

Surrogacy Abroad Inc selects candidates for egg donation and surrogacy along with their medical records and family history. Before finalising the candidate a full and thorough psychological evaluation is conducted for them in order to determine their fitness level for surrogacy and egg donation.

Surrogacy Abroad Inc takes care of the surrogate mother’s tests and medication required before the embryo transfer, food, boarding, monthly allowances and all the allowances required.  “We provide the surrogate mothers counselling and diet plans for the duration of the pregnancy, we conduct foetus abnormality test or triple test, take care of the post delivery care of the surrogate as well. We provide an all-round service that smoothes the path for the intended parents. The ultimate aim is to bring the joy of parenthood to couples as well as make the process of childbirth an easy one for both, the intended parents and the surrogate,” commented Benhur Samson, owner and operator of Surrogacy Abroad Inc.

Surrogacy Abroad Inc is an organization which was established in Chicago, back in 1987. Surrogacy Abroad Inc has been a leading member in the world of surrogacy and medical tourism and has been a solace for couples and individuals wishing to have children. Surrogacy Abroad Inc not only provides prospective parents with egg donors and surrogates, but they guide the intended parents through each and every step of surrogacy up until the delivery of the child.

“Over the years we have expanded our base and we also successfully delivered the first American baby in Kathmandu, Nepal through surrogacy. We have tie ups with established clinics in India thus providing our services all over the world. We are an LGBT friendly organization which believes that the joy of parenthood should be experienced by every individual. This pregnancy package is yet another step towards the fruition of our goal,” added Benhur Samson.

About Surrogacy Abroad Inc

Surrogacy Abroad Inc. is an international surrogacy agency based in Chicago, owned and operated by Benhur Samson, a native Indian and business entrepreneur. Benhur moved to Chicago in 1987, and has been on the business side of the medical field for the last 20 years. During these years, Ben saw an opportunity in the industry to bridge the gap between intended parents of all lifestyles and surrogacy. He started the company, and the main focus was to guide intended parents through every detail of the process for surrogacy. Surrogacy Abroad Inc. specializes in surrogacy. We are dedicated to serving intended parents all over the world by facilitating the surrogacy process with our elite partner clinics in India. We also deal with surrogate mothers and egg donors (Caucasian & Indian donors). We are a “one-stop” agency for any intended parent (GLBT friendly) and can accommodate every aspect of the journey to parenthood through surrogacy.

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