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In only four years in helping organizations analyze data through creative visualization, announces new features for its Plus Members that will bring mapping to ne

USA (PRUnderground) May 24th, 2013

In just a short period of time, a long line of companies have learned to use, an online mapping solution. It is a business intelligence tool  designed to build maps using data gathered from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It introduced free mapping using different features that help users organize their data and understand it. Now, as it aims to take mapping onto a whole new level, introduces Plus Membership with additional greater features. For only $20 a month or $220 a year, Plus Members can take advantage of all the great benefits the online mapping site has to offer.

How Businesses can Grow Using Mapping

What strikes as a data analytics tool different from others is that it has the ability to use the full potential of mapping technology. Benjamin B. from the University of Maine Facilities Management said: “This is a powerful tool for anyone trying to manage a large number of mapping points! Other mapping systems on the web just don’t compare– is where it’s at!”

As business grows, so does the need for regular consultation and data analysis. These are imperative to achieve business goals, stay focused, and beat the competition. Successful companies use business intelligence tools like to help them with critical decision making through effective data visualization. Through mapping, they are able to look through any risks, improve operations, enhance customer relation and much more.         

The following are some of the most useful features of Plus Membership from

Add Territory Layers

Users find it beneficial to parse data if territory layers are used especially for heat mapping. Maps with territory layers are powerful to use for in-depth data visualization. The most commonly used territory sets are US States, counties and zip codes, Australia States, Brazil States, Canada Territories, France Regions, Germany States, Mexico States, and U.K. Countries.

In addition, users will be excited to learn that they can also customize their territory sets using their own preferred colors, which can be beneficial for presentations.

Add Unlimited Data Sets

Users can add up to 10,000 locations in a day. They need also not to worry about exceeding the number of maps they can make since Plus Members are entitled to save as many data sets as they want.

Build Heat Maps is probably the only online mapping site that allows the users to creat heat maps in less than 3 minutes. By doing so, users can easily picture location density or sales performance in different regions. Heat maps allow companies to picture their businesses with regards to sales, demand, and market risk.

Customize Markers

Another reason why is the top choice for many firms is that it excels in bringing exceptional visualization. Users are able to take advantage of what Online Mapping offers – an advanced feature that helps them customize markers. In this way, customers can identify their locations even more. They can upload logos or pictures to use as markers. They can also use their preferred shapes, colors, or sizes.


30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

To promote customer satisfaction, offers its users a 30-day risk free guarantee. If in any case that users is not satisfied with all the benefits offered, they can cancel their membership within 30 days and then send a request to receive a refund.

About develops tools to transform analysis into a visual experience. It’s mapping technology is one of the most powerful ways to visualize data from Excel spreadsheets to optimize logistics, enhance market planning, identify growth opportunities, or mitigate market risks. leads in data simplification and presentation and is committed to delivering the tools businesses need to outpace competition.

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