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Grow a Sustainable Urban Container Garden with Ease

Industry: Horiculture

Urban Gardening is a growing and popular pastime. My Garden System helps urban gardeners grow their own vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers easily while saving space..

Brewster, NY (PRUnderground) May 30th, 2012

On Earth Day 2012 My Garden System, Inc. officially launched.  My Garden System is a New York based company that has invented container-based vertical gardening solutions called channel gardening.   These systems were designed to help urban gardeners grow vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers all year long or just during the planting season.  They can be placed indoors, on rooftops, urban decks, balconies, in urban back yards and in community gardens.

My Garden System is simple, easy to set up and use, and very efficient in terms of space, water and soil required.  Each system holds vertical raised beds that grow plants to meet the needs of different gardeners.  The Deep Root System has the largest channel size designed to grow tomatoes, eggplants, carrots and other plants requiring a large root space.  The Limited Mobility System was designed for gardeners in wheelchairs and gardeners who have difficulties bending down.  The Simple System was designed for taller plants, and the Standard and Herb Systems were designed for higher volumes of plant growth in a limited space – each one accommodating different root sizes.

These products were tested and improved for more than two years to make gardening easier by reducing the amount of digging, planting, bending, weeding, and watering.  Many people in urban areas are interested in growing fresh food and flowers safely and easily, but find it intimidating to begin gardening.  My Garden System eliminates the intimidation by reducing the amount of work needed to grow plants.

The channels are placed vertically within a strong frame, which results in a highly productive square foot gardening solution.  My Garden System is made in America with small business suppliers, and is sustainable through the use of less soil, less water and using 100% recyclable materials.  The channels are made from aluminum and include a fabric liner that wicks water out of the soil when it is too wet yet maintains moisture around the soil for maximum root health.

My Garden System provides innovative gardening solutions with a mission of making gardening easy while saving space.    Jerry Keeler, the Chief Executive Officer is a commercial farmer and Jenny Hinsman, the Chief Operating Officer, is an organic gardener.  The company gives back a portion of its profits each year to non-profit organizations. To find out more, please visit

About My Garden System Inc.

My Garden System provides innovative vertical gardening systems that can be placed anywhere – indoors, on a deck, porch, driveway, in a school or community garden or in a greenhouse. Our complete system makes it easy for customers to grow their own vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. My Garden System’s mission is to make gardening easy while saving space.

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